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Poor Supply & suggestions for supplementation.

I have a 3 mos. old baby girl that I've been both nursing & supplementing w/formula due to indequate supply issues.  I have a thyroid problem & had postpartum complications, that in seeking advice from a lactation consultant 2 mos. ago, said would definitely affect my milk supply.  I've tried fenugreek & goat's rue which increased my supply but gave me terrible heart palpitations & other bothersome side effects.  The problem now is the formula she's on (Enfamil Lipil, which she loves) makes her terribly gassy & fussy.  I've tried Enfamil Gentelease, & Enfamil Nutramigen/Hypoallergenic which she absolutely refuses (I would too, the Enfamil Nutramigen was really foul).  Have been discouraged from using soy formulas b/c it's a phyto-estrogen, & have read many clinicians aren't exactly plugging it as much as they use to.  Was wondering if someone could suggest a formula for a gassy baby but a picky eater, LOL!  Has anyone encountered such a dilemma?  Thanks!:)  
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Hi,I would guess that if you have tried all these types that maybe the baby is just a bit fussy. I know I used to get anxious that my baby was getting enough. This in turn made my baby anxious, If you try to relax baby might as well. this may not be the case for you but I know that feeding can induce stress especially when we want so much to succeed and give baby all they need to grow and be happy and healthy. I know i would have liked to breast feed for longer and found that it worried me a fair bit when with discussions with lactation consultants it was decided I should give our bub formula as well as milk. Try to relax about this issue and seee how things go maybe. I hope this helps. Good luck  
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Thanks!  I wouldn't say that I'm "stressed" or "anxious"  but just a bit concerned & simply seeking information or recommendations for a better way to supplement her w/formula while breastfeeding.  I'm totally fine w/not breastfeeding exclusively (is ideal, but not a reality for me) as I never tried that to begin with.  Its just that I find the fussiness, excessive gas, & crying happen after she's given formula (I have a bit of experience w/this as I supplemented my son also & used the same formula & he was perfectly fine 4 yrs ago), so there's a cause & effect.  I figured "well try a gentler formula" which I think would be the ticket, if I could find one that she'd drink is all.:)
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I would try her on Similac RS. this formula helped my dd alot we also tried ALL of the enfamils out there before deciding to try a different brand and we found Similac to be a whole lot better its gentler and my baby didnt have hardly as bad gas and she wasnt as fussy either. but you have to remember each child is different what worked for one of your childeren may not work for the other one.
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Similac formula is white and tends to have less bubbles from my experience. If you stick with what she likes, there is always gass drops and other remidies to assist with her fussyness. I dont have any suggestions at this time, cause I havent had a picky formula eater. My first born had complications due to milk allergy and was switched to soy formula. The baby girl I have now just eats what I give her.
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Thanks!  I've had a few people recommend Nestle Gerber Good Start & in researching it got pretty good reviews.  I went out & bought some (the Gentle version) & lo & behold, she seems to like it.  She's still gassy but not as bad as yesterday.  Will give it a few days & see how she does.  Thanks for all the advice.  ketona31479: am finding out" that what works for one child might not work for the other", especially if they're a different gender & weight.  Kinda expected that anyway.  Caralea: aren't babies that eat what you them a dream!  Cheers!
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"eat what you GIVE them" my grammatical errors are horrible!
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I'm glad you tried the Good Start! That is what I would have recommended. My little ones did very well on that when we started to wean. Didn't smell as gross as other brands either.

Hint- if you are using powdered formula, you can put a couple of drops of simethicone (Mylicon gas drops) into the formula to get rid of the foam you get when you shake up the bottle. This can minimize gas from the bubbles in the bottle, and then will also help your baby pass the gas that gets into her system from normal feeding. In general, simethicone can be very helpful for gassy babies and is considered safe.
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You have lots of good suggestion.

Glad you may have found something.. hope it works!! My first born is 4 and eats practically everything I have ever given him and will ask for more. I hope my 6month old does the same when she gets bigger.. funny thing though, after I typed this- my DD started throwing fits for daddy with him trying to feed her frozen breast milk. LOL
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Have u tried gripe water? They sell it at walmart or wallgreens and its all natural.   It has fennel and a couple of other herbs.  It was a miracle cure for my babies gas problems.  The mylecon would constipate my little one terribly so the gripe water was awesome! Its a little pricey  9 bucks a bottle but well worth it.   She is a little over 5 months now and seems to have grown out of her gas problems.  Im no expert  or anything but I have noticed from experience(baby# 3 here) they seem to grow out of the gas issues at around 4 to 5 months.  Or at least mine did.  I never did formula with my first two and my baby girl was taking some once a day for a month or so but then quit.  She decided she liked mommy better lol so I can't be much help there.  Good luck.
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Tiredbuthappy:  thanks, yeah seems to be liking it & doesn't seem as heavy as Enfamil Lipil. In terms of the mylicon mixed in w/the formula, I've tried this.  I had better luck giving her a pacifier dipped in Maalox per my pediatrician.  However, thanks for the suggestion & great idea!

Caralea, when we moved to Indonesia when my son was 2 mos. old in 2007, & my milk dried up at 5 mos. he was frequently on different formulas b/c they didn't have the exact same brand of Enfamil Lipil there...it was Enfamil but manufactured in Asia he would eat just about anything!  It was awesome, however, it changed once he started on solids, it took him awhile to find solids foods that appealed to him.
Funny about your DD...hopefully that was just an isolated incident!

Trying43:  I bought "Gripe Water for Colic" by Wellelements.  Hint: works best if given preemptively!  Thanks for the suggestion:)  Again, Thanks to ALL for the wonderful suggestions!

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Something else that wasn't mentioned is the Enfamil Lactose Free! My son deals with bad gas too and I've given him that but he was still getting bad gas and I eventually switched him to Isomil Soy.
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Neocate is supposed to be the most like breastmilk and easiest to digest
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Maybe you can try looking to probiotics. I know people who have given probiotics to their babies from birth to help with colic/gassiness/digestive problems. I believe you can purchase it from a health food store and add it to the bottle of formula or breastmilk. I personally have not used it, but I buy infant cereal with probiotics. My daughter had really bad colic when she was a newborn (exclusively breastfed) and I gave her gas drops, turned her on her side and bounced her. Sometimes I'd have to pounce her for 20-30 mins. When she started eating solids she the gas problem reared it's ugly head so I started buying things with probiotics added to it and it has helped a lot.
Another remedy for gass/colic/tummy problems is chamomile tea. My daughter LOVES it and it has no harmful side effects. You would make it full strength and give an ounce maybe once per day. Older babies can have it more often, but you don't want to give to much of another fluid to such a young baby who is exclusively formula/breastfed. I didn't find out about this until recently otherwise I would have given it to my daughter a long time ago.
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Update:  while she seemed to tolerate the new Gerber formula I put her on, the formula had  lotsa iron in it & kinda made the gas worse b/c it constipated her.  So I put  her back on the Enfamil & she's actually doing better.  It's interesting how mother's sometimes make the problem worse, LOL!  The Gerber formula had the probiotics, as do most all baby formula's nowadays.  I've heard probiotics that aren't refridgerated aren't much use anyway, & you're right, to do the probiotic thing, you're really better off going to a health food store & purchasing it from the fridge & using it that way.  I may try to find some formulated for infants, if not I won't bother.

I've heard about the chamomille tea & may try that when she's a little older, thanks for the tip & the amount!  
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I use herbs to increase my milk supply. I have to exclusively pump and my milk supply got down to only 1/2 ounce per pumping. I use Breastea from http://www.breastea.com I got it in the afternoon and started drinking it immediately. The next morning when I woke up I was really engorged and full of milk. I'm now able to pump about 5 ounces. I'm not sure with thyroid problems if it would help, but it has definitely worked well for me.
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I'm sorry you are having supply issues. That must be so hard, and on top of that... problems w/ formula. I don't know what kind of formula works the best, but I do know a few of the ladies from this site donate milk (you may want to friend SunWorshiper since she meets donor requirements ;) ) lol
I wish the best for you and hope you can find a way to help your baby girl's tummy. :(
There are sites that you can buy breastmilk online (but I would only encourage using a donor that has been screened, that meets milk or blood donor requirements)
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Mature enough is correct, I do donate breastmilk. To get breastmilk (that has been pasteurized and screened) check out Milkin Mama's they have a website with all the info
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