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Pressure to gain weight

I posted a while ago about my daughter gaining slowly. She's almost 7 months old and is 13lbs 11ozs, she eats a LOT. She's just starting solids. I had her 6 month check up today and the doctor said she doesn't look malnourished, she looks healthy, but she's in the 25th percentile and her weight has kind of plateaued. I have to take her back in 6 weeks for a re-weigh. I'm so stressed and I feel so much pressure for her to gain weight. What can I do? I'm feeding her on demand, as always, starting solids, I'm wondering if her recently learning to crawl is burning some calories? I don't know I feel a lot of pressure and I feel bad she isn't gaining as much as she should be!
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Hi there.  This happened with my second son.  I mean, I fed that kid constantly and he ate like a champ.  But he was always small after his initial birth weight of over 8 pounds.  My doctor tracks kids on their own curves.  Some kids are smaller and that is THEIR normal.  That is the case with my son.  

During his first couple of months, they had me feed him all the time on a every two hour schedule.  He exclusively nursed.  Man, I was tired.  But I did it and honestly, he ate very well.  He was just small.  So, once that was established, and he wasn't losing weight or failing to thrive---  he just grew on his own low percentile curve.  

During his toddler years, I tried to help out by planning lots of snacks.  Every few hours he had healthy snacks so he basically ate all day.  he was a decent eater and well fed.  But just grew on his own little curve.

He's now 8.  He weighs 52 pounds.  He wears a size 5 or 6 shirt or childrens small.  he wears size 5 pants.  ??  But he is healthy.  He's really athletic---  plays multiple sports and holds his own.  He's probably the fastest runner on every team he plays on which is very handy in soccer!  Maybe that being low to the ground stuff works out well for him.  LOL  

And, he isn't like a bunch shorter than everyone else. He blends in.  Sure, some kids are taller.  His best buddy looks like a giant next to him.  But he doesn't seem to notice or care.

so, long way of saying, try not to worry.  She just may be petite.  This may be her normal.  And then it is healthy for HER.  Best of luck to you
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Some children are just naturally smaller. And crawling could have a lot to do with it. My little guy lost a pound or 2 after becoming active. Your baby is probably fixing to go through a growth spurt soon.
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specialmom that sounds like my exact story.. chloe was 8lbs 12ozs at birth. I'm only 4'11 and was a very small child growing up. my husband is 6'1 so we were kind of expecting maybe a little bigger, but my son is 4 and 35lbs and shorter too.. so maybe they just take after me!

thank you so much though ladies i was really worried and felt awful she was smaller bf'ing. i really don't feel like formula to gain weight is "in her best interest" though!
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Like we've talked about before you're tiny so I really think that should be taken into account. Where is she on the chart for height? My doctor always says as long as they are about the same all is good. I'm willing to bet if you did feed formula they'd end up telling you she's over weight.
Just a thought here. Try increasing the healthy fat in your diet a little. I had googled eating bacon while breastfeeding because Genevieve had been spitting up a ton the day after had eaten a lot of bacon and it said that eating fatty foods makes your milk richer
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Didn't me to post yet grr. Anyway maybe if you ate a little more fat it would increase the fat content of your milk. Dont over do it though because if its to rich it can make baby spit up more.
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I will definitely look into that tomorrow. She's in the 25th - 50th for her height. I'll look into increasing my fat intake, I have been trying to cut back on certain unhealthy things, trying to lose weight, looks like now is not the time for that!
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Is she eating solids? Avocado is  really good plus has the good healthy fats. My little guy loved the avocado you can mix it with other baby foods too. He is older and still loves it I make avocado wheat sandwiches for him.

You can eat it to to help the quality of fats in your milk also.
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wow baby2014.  Hats off to you for getting your son to eat avocado.  Maybe because you started young . . .  my boys want nothing to do with it.  I love it and eat it often.  Maybe that is a texture thing??  

Honestly, I'm not sure there is much you can do KTowne to plump  her up via your own milk.   She will go through growth spurts and one is surely coming.  She's old enough now where her nutrition will start coming from food verses the breast milk.  It's still good for her, don't get me wrong, but true food will become increasingly her source of nutrition.  So maybe don't diet and eat healthy.  

My son is on the smaller side.  It's just who he is.  He's healthy.  He grows on the curve he has.  SO much of this is genetics.  So, I would try not to worry.  I worried when it was my son too.  But can tell you after the fact that I didn't need to.  All is well.  

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My pediatrician has always said there should be a different growth curve for babies that are EBF, that they plateau at different points than formula fed babies. If you are feeding on demand, no worries!
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I'm definitely going to eat healthy instead of diet, she's slowly adapting to solids better so I'm going to try increasing that more. And definitely will try the avocado! my niece is 2 1/2 and loves them, has since she was a baby! I'm not stressing as much, definitely continuing BF'ing! I'm so glad I have this site for support, it's highly unlikely I would have made it this far!
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@specialmom. Yes we started avocado as soon as he started eating solids. He didn't like it the first few times but he finally took a taste for it.

@ktown. Support is awesome. I had to refer to forums and groups for support because no one in my family has breast fed in this generation. A couple of my cousins tried but quit within a few weeks to a month. They didn't have any support and a lot of negativity. I ignored unwanted advice such as when baby is supposed to sleep through the night and starting solids at 3 months. I also ignored the cereal in the bottle. My son was about 7 months when he started any solids. He was a Preemie and couldn't handle anything solid. I always had to keep him beside me when we went out because people tried to go against my wishes of no solids (especially my mom and grandma ).

My little guy was slow to gain but also stayed on his curve until he hit a year and a couple of months. He stayed in the 10 percentile and finally went into the 25th where he has stayed since his 15 month check up. My child will never be a giant because his dad nor myself is tall.
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I forgot to mention my little guy is almost 2 and only weighs 22lbs and is 31-32in tall. His cousin is 14 months 28lbs and 29-30in tall.
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