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Pros and Cons

I wanna know the pros and cons or breast feeding and which one you prefer
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This is really a personal decision and there are no rights or wrongs no matter how strongly someone feels about it.  

I did not want to breast feed my first child but gave it a try.  Liked it and nursed both my kids.  First was weaned by 5 months and second nursed for a LONG time and had to cut him off.  :>)  

Pros:  It's free
          It's convenient
          It's a wonderful feeling/ closeness to your child
          Half of society is cheering you on
          No measuring, cleaning bottles, etc.
          It causes your uterus to contract faster after birth
         *they say it keeps weight off.  Did NOT experience this. I lost my weight once I stopped breastfeeding
Cons:  is hard to get started often, painful
            lot of pressure to be the food source of your child
            very tiring and only you can do it unless you pump (and I hated pumping, THAT is not comfortable)
           Half of society is grossed out by you
           Harder to go back to work if you work

They say kids who are nursed are in better health and have fewer allergies.  Not the case with my kids. My older son who was only nursed half the time/ supplemented with bottle the other half for 5 months has always been healthy, no allergies.  My exclusively nursed baby for a long time (over a  year) has allergies and a harder time getting well once sick.  

So, do what is best for you.  This is just my list.  I am very glad I breastfed but my sister who did not is equally glad.  :>)
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