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My son is 11 days old and is eating and latching like a champ. He just gets so frustrated sometimes it takes awhile to get him to latch. Well my question is I want his daddy to be able to feed him so I was going to start pumping. When would it be ok for him to use a bottle (I don't want to mess up how well he's breast feeding) and does anyone know of a good inexpensive breast pump? The Medela ones are nice (used it in the hospital) but they are so expensive!!!
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Aww well first of all congrats :)... but yeah I'll say just wait a couple weeks just in case since his nearly getting the hang of it. I'm breastfeeding my son and I pump milk out and been storing it for when I go out to doctors appointment or anywhere also when I wanna take a drink Lol its not so often but the baby has no problem with confusion I gave him a bottle at 5 weeks. I use a pump from lanisoh I think that's how you spell it not sure it cost me like less than 30 $at Walmart and works well for me I've had it like a month already and its great :)
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No I'm mistaking at 3 weeks I gave him a bottle
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A lot of insurances with cover a breast pump. I got the Medela pump in style advanced with my insurance. It was covered 100%. I used the Medela symphony in the hospital, so now I have extra parts.
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The best age to introduce bottles is 3-4 weeks old. By then baby should be well established at breastfeeding but not yet picky so that they will refuse a bottle.
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I am using the lansinoh breast pump it is fairly priced as the one I got is double and electric. Although a lot of insurances might cover im not sure how long itv would take to receive one.
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