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Question for breastfeeding moms

I am currently breastfeeding my 16 month old and have been trying to wean her off recently I just found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant if I stop breastfeeding now will my milk supply come back when the baby is born?
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My baby boy self weaned at 18 months when I was about 13 weeks pregnant.  The taste of the milk changes while pregnant.  
It took a few weeks to dry up. Now I'm 36 weeks pregnant  and the colostrum has returned. . So yea I'd say the milk returns
OK good to know I was worried it wouldn't come back that quickly lol thanks ☺
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In fact, you could breastfeed all through pregnancy and continue straight in to feeding the next baby.  My sister did that, and nursed both kids for a while until she weaned the older one.  Talk to La Leche League if you'd like more information.
OK good to know thank u ☺ and if I kept breastfeeding all the way through will I still get the colostrum for the baby?
Yes, I think the body knows it has just given birth.
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Maci - congrats. I also breastfeeding my 16 month old and i only nurse her morning and night, I stop pumping at work. I still haven't had my period. I want a second baby. Did you start your period during breastfeeding?
Thank u ☺ and yes I did, my periods were irregular at first because of the depo I was on when I got off of it i finally started to get back right the first regular period I had I got pregnant right afterwards and now I am 8weeks ☺ I hope ur able to have your little bean soon as well ☺
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I would imagine it would. When I was nursing I got pregnant and my supply took a hit and I really wasn't able to nurse anymore. I had no problems when the new baby was born.  Best of luck and congrats!
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