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I'm still breastfeeding my almost 2 month old son. And for him to sleep good at night and not wake up every 2 hours to eat I give him a bottle with formula mixed with a tsp of rice cereal and he sleeps for a good 3 hours straight. I produce a lot of milk and been thinking about pumping and giving my 3 n a halff year old some of my breastmilk she eats but real picky to where I would cook something she will only eat what she wants and not eat the other stuff. And all she wants is snacks she's about to be 4 in April and only 27 pounds. Will it be a good idea to pump and give her some of my breastmilk to see if she gain any weight?  
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There's nothing wrong with giving ure 3year old ure BM go for it. But if u produce alot of milk why do u give ure baby formula instead of pumped BM (just asking)?
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I haven't started pumping yet. I need to buy a pump. So I brought some formula.
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Hi there. From what I've been told by my pediatrician, when a child gets to a certain point, breast milk is more of a 'vitamin' drink than true nutrition.  Won't hurt to give to her but probably won't make her gain weight.  No liquid diet of any sort once you are past infancy will help you gain weight like food will.

My second son was very small as well.  What our pediatrician had us do is to feed him all the time.  Wake up, have nutritious breakfast, two  hours later, healthy snack, two hours later, lunch, two hours later healthy snack, etc.  Lots of small meals as they have small stomachs.  I would think of foods that she might like that will also help with weight like cheese.  Some sliced cheese and pieces of ham are a great snack.  Add some apple sauce---  etc.  While kids are picky, you can still pick kid friendly food that will help them with being healthy and still putting on weight.  

It's hard----  My son is finally kind of catching up to other kids although he is still smaller on the scale.  But he is healthy and has always been on his own growth curve.  

good luck
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Breast milk is always beneficial to infants and older children even adults. I'm planning to pump and give my 2year old breast milk once my little one is born.

I will also suggest call your insurance company and see if they cover a pump. In the affordable care act It's supposed to be covered. Medela advanced in style is an Awesome pump. Check out kellymom. Com It's the best site for breastfeeding questions and has many reliable sources.
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Another suggestion I would give would be to talk to your child's pediatrician.  Again, I don't think it would hurt and maybe even has some benefit but for weight gain, I don't think you'd see the results you want from it.   good luck
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Couldn't hurt!  I'd also check with your baby's pediatrician about giving the baby formula when she is only 2 months. I know recommendations have changed over generations…  I'd check in just to be safe.
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