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Refrigerated milk quick question please

My mom accidentally left some pumped milk out on the counter for 20 minutes. We put it back in the fridge. Is it still ok to use?
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I don't see an issue.  Esp if the baby didn't feed off of it.  Was it freshly pumped - so just sat at room temp for a bit?  
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I was pumped earlier in the day and was in the fridge. She pulled it out to get it out of the way and forgot to put it back
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How long was it out for?
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Should be ok. 20 min is not long.  If it was  a few hours than it would be a different story
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I'm sure it'll be just fine.
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I just dumped it lol little paranoid me! New to all this. Hate to waste though
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Breast milk is 100% safe at room temp up to 8 hours, ideally no more than 3. Fridge good for 3-5 days and freezer good for 6-12 months. Consider the temp it is when you pump not too different from room temp. It will be fine next time to keep it!
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