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Scratch, scratch, scratch...

Hi everyone,

My 4-month old baby gal won't stop scratching scratching her head (in an irritated manner) whenever I am breastfeeding her. I will remove her hand but she goes back to the same action as soon as my hand is off.
Does anyone know why?
And recently she began to scratch my breasts too. Ouch!!! They hurt! .
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You know my baby would scratch so bad too, so definitely put your baby some mittens.  And it's so hard to cut there nails when they  are so little.  
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It's a common phase and should stop soon. Mittens may help like the previous poster said.
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If she doesn't keep the mittens on,  you can use socks instead.  You wouldn't want  her to herself..
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Hey, wow good idea there. Yeah maybe I will use socks if she continues to remove her mittens so easily.
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Have your pediatrician take a look at her head she may be scratching bc it itches. My first had some form of dermatitis on her scalp (not normal cradle cap) and it made her itch all the time. The doc gave her a prescription cream that cleared it right up and the scratching stopped and didn't come back.
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It might just be a soothing thing…  My 17 month old still kind of twirls her hair.  My first born would literally hit himself in the head/face while I was feeding him with his top hand.  These little buggers get into odd habits!
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