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Sore nipples? Pumping?

I have had my latch checked but am still getting sore cracked nipples. My little girl was only born on Aug 1st and I am having to resort to pumping to give her breast milk because the pain is so intense it reduces me to tears.

I'm not really bothered by that except that I would like to be able to breast feed instead of feeding breast milk thru a bottle. However I have also noticed that when I pump, in only get about a 1/2 ounces every 2 hours between both breasts. Is that normal? Should I be getting more? I'm hoping pumping every 2 hours will help increase my supply but I'm getting nervous now,

Any help is greatly appreciated - I'm a 1st time mom, post c-section, and did attend many breastfeeding classes and read up on breastfeeding. My latch was checked and approved by the LC at the hospital before I was DC.
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Even if baby is latching on correctly they can still get chapped. I've had it happen with all three of my babies where they ended up cracked and bleeding. You need your nipples to toughen up and that going to happen by nursing through the pain. It will get better. Mine always take about two weeks. After feedings let them air dry and apply lanolin (or coconut oil, heard good things but havent tried) You can also express some milk and rub it into your nipples and let it air dry. Try to be topless as much as possible because the air really does seem to help.
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Oh and about pumping...you never get as much pumping as baby does nursing. Pumps just don't do as good of a job.
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Yes, it is an adjustment period when beginning to nurse that first baby.  I hurt badly and had bleeding.  One time we thought my son was having internal bleeding because he had blood coming out of his mouth . . . um.  Nope, it was from my bleeding nipples.  (sorry if that is gross.  Just illustrating the difficult time I had the first couple days of nursing.)  Here is what really helped me---  I used lanolin in the purple tube.  Oh boy did I. Loved the stuff.  I also tried to air dry after feeding.  yep, said with my shirt open for a little while.  I also wore nursing pads inside my bra if I had to l eave the house (the rubbing hurt less for some reason). These things helped me.

I did supplement with a bottle to be honest during the first few weeks of my first son's life to help myself out. Our pediatrician recommended it.   But then my nipples got used to it and it was fine.  With my second son, I was never sore at all.  

I found pumping uncomfortable.  

good luck and I feel for you.  I know it hurts.  Hope it gets a better soon.  
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My question is: Are you using soap or anything other than water or your own milk to wash your nipples? Also do you have lanolin on hand to put on your nipples before and after feeding baby? If not Walmart sells it in the bottle section.  

The reason I asked about soap or If you are using anything other than water/your milk to wash your nipples is because soap can cause your nipples to dry out. Your milk has antibacterial agents to help keep your nipples clean while breastfeeding. Mother nature is wonderful and is great at taking care of our bodies.

Before feeding put Lanolin on your nipples it is natural and will not hurt your baby. After feeding hand express some of your milk and rub it in your nipples and let it dry then reapply the lanolin. You can also use olive oil instead of Lanolin. Olive oil is great and doesn't cause and clogging of the pores that's why it is an awesome oil to use for your skin and it is very beneficial to your skin.

Pumps are not as efficient when it comes to the baby. The pump will never be able to pull as much milk as the baby but there is a way to help. While pumping massage your breast with compression moving toward your nipple. It helps to relieve as much milk as possible.

It is best to continue nursing because that is the only way to overcome soreness in nipples. I know the toe curling pain, but soon it will be gone. It takes 1 to 2 weeks and a month in some cases. You can do it.
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Thanks for all the advice. I don't use soap, just warm or hot water on my nipples when I shower. And I so have lanolin but was only using it after feedings. I am going to try to use before and after plus air drying.

I'm just concerned about her getting enough nutrition. She was so content on my colostrum but ever since my milk came in, she just seems constantly hungry and upset. We supplement formula once or twice during the day but no more than 2 ounces at a time because I don't want to overfeed her. She's always so happy after that :/
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She's probably unsettled because she's having to work harder to get your milk, bottles are easier which can make baby lazy about nursing. The real key to producing more milk is to nurse as often as she's willing to eat.
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We had our first check up today and she did gain a few ounces back from when we left the hospital a week ago. I talked with our pediatrician and the staffed LC and both said that at 8.5 pounds she would be eating 3 to 4 ounces easy at each feeding and that until my milk catches up I will have to supplement some. The LC did say to definitely start each feeding with nursing and nurse anytime she got fussy between feedings. And then only supplement 2 ounces of formula at a time so she doesn't get so overfill that she doesn't want to nurse every 2 to 3 hours. And of course she also told me to pimp even when I was empty to keep my breasts stimulated. Seems so difficult and time consuming but I want to breastfeed so badly so I plan to try try and try. Any tips on how to get any sleep?? lol
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For three first 8 weeks sleep will be hard to come by. Every time you give formula make sure you pump. Once you do start pumping milk stop giving formula and just supplement with your own milk.

Remember this also your milk works supply and demand. The more your baby nurses the more you will make. At this age your baby is going to be attached what seems like day and night. Sleep when baby sleeps. Have someone come help with the house for the next 8 weeks so you and baby can establish a good nursing routine and relationship. It's easier to let the baby just nurse when it wants to and how long it wants to nurse. If I were you I would stop all bottles for now until you and baby establish that productivity. A breast fed baby seems unsatisfied because breast milk digests so easy. It doesn't have left over useless trash like formula does.

As for pumping it is absolute h-e-double hockey sticks. I pumped every 2 hours during the day and every 3 at night. I would pump hour for hour or 1hr and 1/2 for 3 days every 2 weeks to mimic a growth spurt. I never had time to eat sleep or anything because pumping, feeding, changing and bathing baby is all I had time for. I did this for 3 months because my baby couldn't latch from being a Preemie and nipple confusion from a bottle and paci.

I was on the verge of giving up and I said no I'm going back to the hospital to see a lactation consultant. She gave me great advice stop giving him a bottle and stop pumping so much. She gave me a nipple shield with instructions. My instructions were to latch baby on to the shield for 5 minutes then remove it and latch baby to my breast. I think it took about a week or less but my little guy latched. She told me once he stopped latching to stop pumping so that my milk would regulate to his need. It worked I breast fed him until he was 20 months old. After he latched I got more sleep more time for both of us. Bottles and pumps was no longer a part of our life.

Please trust me when I say the pump and bottles will hurt you in the long run. Just breast feed it's hard at first because the baby is so demanding but it's do worth it in the end sometime around 3 to 4 months they slow down and don't take as much. In my experience it takes a lot of patience and dedication. Trust your body it will not fail you.  If your worried If baby is getting enough count diapers 5 or more wet ones in a day shows baby is getting plenty.

Good luck and praying all goes well.
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Sleep? What's sleep? Lol
For the time being no tips here about sleep other than as soon as she's asleep you get to bed.

I know breastfeeding can be a lot of work in the beginning but I promise it gets easier. I'm breastfeeding my third child and it was still rough at the beginning even though I had previous experience and good milk production.  
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Ha ha,  about the sleep.  I did supplement as well with my first son as I mentioned.  It actually was quite nice.  My husband took a midnight feeding without waking me.  Perfect.  I would go to bed around 9 and would get a solid several hours sleep before baby would be up for the feeding after midnight.  This schedule worked well for us and I was less tired this way.  

My son did fine with the formula and I breast fed a lot too.   It worked for him and I.  He was and still is a very healthy boy.  No allergies, gets well quickly from illness etc.  I exclusively breast fed my second child and he is the one with the allergies and longer recovery time when sick.  Go figure.  

So, I think that formula in this day and age is pretty fantastic.  I used the liquid similac  instead of having to mix it even though it was expensive.  I breast fed a good deal so it didn't feel bad to go that route and I liked the confidence that I just poured into a bottle and it was all mixed and ready to go with no measuring.  (especially easy for my husband at midnight!  LOL).  

The bottom line is that you are breast feeding and possibly by supplementing you will be able to continue doing it and do it longer rather than giving up which happens to a lot of women.  AND, my exclusively breast fed baby was difficult.  The kid hated a bottle even with breast milk.  It was me or he didn't eat.  Ugh  
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sorry, hit the wrong button on my computer and didn't finish the post.

Anyway, my second son who would only nurse was my little buddy at all times, he had to be.  LOL  It was wonderful but I wouldn't have been able to go back to work with that situation.  Luckily I was at home and I worked it out to be there to feed him.  (trust me, we tried a bottle about a gazillion times, every type of bottle and every method to get him to take it.)  

Don't get me wrong, nursing is wonderful!!  And you are doing it dear.  Give yourself big credit for that.  You probably didn't want to supplement but I'm just trying to say that I did as well and it didn't turn out badly and it was kind of like the best of both worlds.  peace and luck to you
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Wow baby2014, that's amazing you was able to get your LO to latch after three months! My LO was only three weeks early, but I never could get her to latch and she wouldn't stay awake to eat even with a nipple shield. I gave up after five weeks of trying to nurse, feed, and pump. It was so stressful and hard to do with people always around. It was such a relief to just start exclusively pumping, but I would like to try to get her to nurse now that's she's older. I did try the other day and she had a good latch but wasn't really interested after she realized it wasn't a bottle. Lol. I go back to work in two weeks, so I don't thing it's realistic to try to nurse. Hopefully I can talk my husband into letting me quit then I could get serious about nursing.
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Wow baby2014!! That is awesome! I don't know if I have such patience within me.

So far my little girl is really good swapping between boob and bottle thankfully. She does prefer the lazy method tho, but after a few minutes of fussing will give in and take a breast for a solid 20 or more minutes which is nice.

In a few weeks I will have to go back to work, so pumping is forever in my future of I want her to have breast milk... I really don't enjoy pumping - the sensation is so strange and unpleasant really :/ But I would rather the daycare feed her my breast milk than formula of at all possible. I wish I could stay off work longer to dedicate more time to exclusive breastfeeding.

I'm hoping that with all this great advice and the new plan with the LC and her pediatrician that she will be drinking exclusively breast milk and not formula before too long.
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So some success here!! It's 4am and although she wouldn't take my breasts that long, after supplementing, I did pimp twice as much as I have been pumping! I don't think it would have been possible without the advice here making it so much less painful when she latches during the day. I spent the better portion of yesterday after seeing the LC and reading everyone's advice with her literally attached to one breast or the other, did the air drying and changed how I used the lanolin. I only supplemented twice and the proof seems to be there that working thru the pain and letting her suckle when she wants is the best way to get that milk flowing :) I was so happy to see double the output this morning!! I am going to do more of the same today and pray that in a day or two that I won't have to supplement at all anymore and just pump and nurse which is what I want for my baby! This has been the best sleepless morning ever so far :3
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Awesome news! Keep up the great work! Praying that your milk will be the only milk soon!
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