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Stopping breastfeeding

Has anyone got any tips for the pain of my breasts that are riddiculously full and painful but my midwife said to just leave them for a couple of days and they should go back to normal. Im just finding it really hard because i cant even hold my baby they are that sore  x
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You could try pumping them (or having the baby empty them) and then binding your chest really tightly.
Ouch! I  cant have her anywhere near them. Or the pump. I get a  seriously heavy supply in and its too much. I cant even move my arms they seize up. Ive put cabbage leaves on and dosing up on ibuprofen and paracetamol. If i did express any it would continue buulding my milk flow. Not what i want. Ssoo  paaiiinful. Thank you tho x
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Definitely try cabbage leafs in a loose sports bra it relieves pain and drys up milk. Drink peppermint Or eat it it help dry up milk. You can use hot and cold rags too. But use this method sparingly as it will relive pain but the warm can stimulate milk production. I breastfed my son for 2 and 1/2 years I just weaned him in May so I just went through it. The cabbage was the ticket for me. I hope this helps
And be consistent! It's really important!
Thank you !! Its soo hard having to just go thrue with the pain. Ive been using cabbage leaves. Hurts when i first put them in. Maybe because of the extreme temperature change? But its still really painful bbut i think its getting better. Just keeeping up with pain killers and moaning and groaning. I am deffinatly not in for emptying them as i dont want to encourage more milk production. Plus they are too tender to touch. This  is one of the biggest offput of having a baby i swear. As there is no avoiding this pain
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when I stopped breastfeeding my kids, I'd face this issue where they'd get very full. I was afraid of expressing milk to feel better too, but would express them while in taking a hot shower. It did not increase the milk supply, but gradually got lesser and lesser since I wasn't feeding my baby. I'd express just enough to feel better. Hope this helps
How are you now, btw? I just noticed this post is from a month ago.
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Hiya thank u. I just left them nd they drained/dried up on their own. Such a painful experience. Thank you for your advice tho. Hope ur keeping well xx
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