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Thrush/yeast infection in nipples.

I suspected I had a yeast infection in my nipples lately, it's been burning when she latches on and itching while she nurses, so I met with my OB/GYN yesterday and he said I do have one, and put me on nystatin cream. It just says to use as needed? Not for a certain amount of days or anything so I don't know how long to take it! Also, it's the SAME exact cream that I got for Chloe's diaper rash, is that safe for her to come in contact with her mouth? He said it wouldn't hurt her, and so did the pharmacist, but they're the same thing! I also am worried Chloe will develop thrush in her mouth or a yeast infection vaginally, I know her diaper rash is yeast infection related because it won't go away with antibiotic ointment (nystatin). Does she have to be treated with antibiotics as well?
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I had the same issue and was put on nystatin ointment too. My doctor told me after each feeding to put it on and before I nurse to just wipe it off because enough would have gotten in the nipple by then. It took a few days for the pain to subside and once it wasn't so bad I used it 3 times a day. I was on it for a total of 10 days. Ill still use it every once in awhile especially if my son is going thru a growth spurt lol.
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Oh if she has thrush in her mouth they will put her on an antibiotic. My son had it in his mouth as well and it went away within a couple days of using the antibiotic.
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Antibiotics don't treat yeast infection. They usually cause them because they kill off the hood bacteria that keeps the yeast at bay. She should probably be on an oral medication because odds are if you have a yeast infection on your nipples then she has thrush. Its safe for her to nurse while treating yourself with nystatin, that's usually what they give infants for thrush just in a liquid form.
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As for how much to use it believe you want to apply it about every 4 hours after she nurses and I would do it until a few days past when it appears to be gone.
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I was give "Newmans nipple cream" but it is basically the same ingredients. I put it on my nipples after every feed. My midwife told me not to wipe it off, it was safe to nurse. They didn't give me anything for the baby as the medication from my nipples would transfer to baby. If baby developed white patches on tongue and cheeks that wouldn't wipe off they said then they would give something to baby.
Make sure you change your breast pads frequently. Wear cotton bra's, wash bra's (an nursing pads if they are re usable) in very hot water and hang them in the sun to dry as UV rays kill yeast. In fact if you have somewhere private enough expose your breasts and nipples to the sun for 10 minutes every day.
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Thank you ladies so much! I think I'll just wait it out and see if she gets the blotches in her mouth, if not I won't worry about it. I don't wear nursing pads anymore, should I, even if I don't leak? The reusable ones are the kind I use, so I could do that and maybe change them frequently will help?
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