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URGENT: Breast Abscess

Hi, I need urgent help and feedback on medications for lactation supression.I had a baby 1 month ago via c-section. I lactated 4 days late. During this time, the baby suckled and I ended up sore cut bleeding inflammed nipples. I had to give the baby formula milk with a bottle. When I started breast feeding her again, she used me as a pacifier and would suckle the fore milk. The hind milk left over for days caused severe breast engorgement and breast abcess.

I had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the pus and collected milk.  
My doctor tells me to continue breastfeeding but the baby still doesnt drink milk , i have not fed her formula for 12 hours but she is still not hungry enough to empty my breast :(

I am considering taking medication for suppression for breast milk. The surgical wound is still open and will take another 4 days to heal at least. It is leaking pus and milk all the time. My body is still producing milk in the operated breast.

Are there any known side effects or long term  issues with taking medicines for suppressing lactation? Please help
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Dear lordy, that sounds increadibly painful. =( so sorry you are dealing with this.

I have not heard of someone taking something on purpose to suppress the milk supply. I know there are natural things that can decrease milk, like peppermint and decongestants(sudefed).

Can you pump after nursing to get the hind milk out? have you tried that.
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I'm sorry about the pain that you've dealt with. I agree that trying to nurse is still a good idea and pumping as suggested above may help.

I live in Germany, and if a woman doesn't want to breastfeed following birth, she simply asks the nurse for a tablet to suppress her milk. My SIL did that with both of her children and my neighbour who had feeding problems post-cesearean section. The only complaint I have heard is that the breast hurts for a few days and then that's it. But I know that only from women with newborn babies as they were only producing colostrum.

Stopping breastfeeding quickly may lead to engorged breasts and in some cases, mastitis. Sage tea contains a natural form of oestrogen and can decrease your supply and help dry up your milk.

I found this link on stopping breast milk production. The best way is really to naturally let the milk dry up on it's on.


I would ask your Doctor for advice and hope you feel better soon. Good luck :-)
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SO sorry that you are dealing with this - it sounds incrediably painful.  

This is just a thought but have you had a lactation consultant check your daughter's latch?  If she is not latched properly, then this will contribute to her inability to get all of the milk out efficiently (the bad latch is also what pulverized your nipples - this happened to me too)  Even if she is using you as a pacifier she should be able to drain the breast.  Does she have any oral motor issues?  Are you possibly over producing milk?  Are her stools green and frothy?  For now, I would imagine it is better to continue breastfeeding to get the milk flowing and expressed - so I would continue breastfeeding and try pumping but please consult with a lactation consultant and with your doctor.  Take care.
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