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Vitamin D for BF babies?

My daughter and I were reading one of her baby magazines and read that a baby who is excusively breastfed should get 400 IU of Vitamin D a day. If the baby gets formula too they said to discuss with your doctor how much Vitamin D to give.

Her doctor never said anything like this to her during his appointments and she knew she was exclusively breastfeeding. He's not due back again till his 4 month check up and that's more than a month away.

Should we call the clinic and ask about this?
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especially since it's the summer, he should be fine. Even just a few minutes of sun provides enough vitamin d.
My first was prescribed them, although I don't remember exactly when. I don't think it was before 4 months. My second didn't actually start taking it until after 6 months.

There's actually differing views on whether or not it's even necessary. The AAP does recommend it, although I think it's because they need to make general recommendations for all babies. A baby living in a far northern climate in the winter who never gets sun exposure would need it. Conversely, the AAP could never recommend having a baby out in the sun for short periods of time without sunscreen because a baby who lived in southern texas who got that kind of exposure would burn.
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Our dr recommends 400IU of vitamin D for my daughter who is exclusively breast fed.  I don't think the same is true for babies who are given formula but not sure.  Our dr said that there has been research that has shown that some breast fed babies can be vitamin D deficient.  I say if you have questions - that's what the dr is there for!
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Thank you all so much. We will ask the doctor about it at his next appointment.
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Being that I live in Canada, Ryder was put on it at birth.  He was exclusively breast fed until just after 4 months at which time he was switched to formula.  I was surprised when his pediatrician had us continue with it saying that is the new recommended guidelines.  I do know much depends on where you live...here is is highly recommended.  
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