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Warmed Milk

I pump milk for while I am working, I immediately place it in the fridge as I work from home
The sitter then warms the milk in a cup of warm water for Quinlan. Sometimes she doesnt finish
the bottle as she falls asleep. So my question is once the bottle has been warmed how long can it be
left at room temperature before it is no longer good?
I never have them place it back in the fridge or reheat it once its been warmed
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She should swirl the milk from the fridge, only offer half or less at a time. If baby is hungry, she can offer/warm more.

Once the milk has been warmed it should be used w/in the hour, and once it has been drank from, it should be used immediately. Any unused portion should be discarded.
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One hour is the rule for formula. Breast milk is good for 2 hours after the baby puts his mouth on the bottle. You can reheat as needed and don't have to refrigerate during that time.
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*another rule we go by is "5"
It's the safe number we chose "in the middle" of all of the conflicting evidence

5 hours freshly expressed
5 days in the fridge
5 months in the freezer (unless deep freeze, 12 months)

Hope this helps sister! :) You're doing so great.
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You could also see if your son will accept the milk just at room temperature, rather than warmed.  maybe easier.

Keep up the great work!
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I agree. :) Milk doesn't have to re-warmed. Each time we warm and cool milk, we could be harming/killing some of the live factors.
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Thanks ladies I appreciate all this advice.So you think its ok to pump, then place in the fridge and offer her a bottle straight from the fridge? I work 4 x10 hour days so I have to put it in the fridge so I can be on top of it, and I also read if your using it within the 5 days then its best not to freeze it
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