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Warming/Freezing Milk

I have some milk I froze in my freezer. It's not much, just for when Kylie is watched by family. My question is, after it's been put into a freezer can it be transferred back into a refrigerator before it's heated or once it's frozen does it have to remain frozen until you heat it. Also when you heat it, how would you go about doing that. Do you just run it under warm water until it defrosts, or leave it at room temperature or what. I've always been told you don't boil it or microwave it, so I'm not sure how to heat it properly from the freezer, or how to tell someone else what to do.
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My understanding is that you can put it in the refrigerator as long as you use it within 24 hours (I may be wrong about the 24 hour thing).  Putting it in the frig is a great way to defrost it.  You can also leave it out to get to room temp or run under warm water/put it in a cup of warm water. I am not sure if you can use a bottle warmer or not to heat it.  
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Yes, you can put it in the fridge to warm it but as Nola said I'm pretty sure I heard you need to use it with in 24 hours.  When warming it if you don't have time to let it warm in the fridge take a bowl and fill it with hot water.  If you can you might want to let the hot watter keep pouring into the bowl otherwise you'll need to replace the watter frequently as it will get cold quickly.
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I found this on a breastfeeding website -

How To Thaw Frozen Breast Milk
•Set the container in a pan of cool water for approximately 5 minutes. Do not allow the water to cover the container; otherwise, beads of water can taint the milk as it is being poured.--OR--
•Use a special dry warming device.--OR--
•Put it in the refrigerator overnight. It can then be stored there and used within the next 24 to 48 hours.
Once frozen milk is thawed, it can be kept refrigerated, but cannot be refrozen.

How to Warm Expressed Milk
•To achieve feeding temperature, place the container of milk in a pan of warm water. Bottle warmers are also a nice option.
•Test the comfort of the milk frequently on the wrist.
•Warming the bottle nipple is also recommended when first introducing the bottle to the baby.
•Never microwave breast milk for two reasons: One, it starts to lose essential nutrients when it is warmed above body temperature. Two, just like microwaved food, it can have hot spots and mouths of babies have been burned from hot milk when the container felt comfortably warm.
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my favorite way to thaw frozen milk-
I would take a tall deli container and fill it with cool tap water. I put the milk bag into a ziplock and put that into the cool water. I then put the whole thing in the fridge. It actually thawed within an hour or 2 that way, and stayed very cold. I did this if i knew i was going to use it that day. If I was thawing for the next day, I would just put it in the fridge in a ziplock.
**always put the milk bag into a sandwich baggie or ziplock. The freezer bags do leak sometimes, even if there is no visible hole. I guess some brands or batches are weaker at the seams. It's very upsetting to find your milk all over the fridge or leaked into the thawing water.

To warm thawed milk, I just put the baggies into a container of warm milk (same as I did for milk from the fridge)
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I always just put the milk into very warm water if the baby was going to feed right then.  If it will be a while, you can either put it in the fridge or put it to room temperature.  The fridge will actually keep it somewhat frozen for a while.  I would use that method if it were for the following day or so.
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To warm milk I keep a mug of water that I just warm up in the microwave for a minute and a half then put the bottle of milk in the mug for about a minute.  It comes out perfect temperature.
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there are some bottle warmers that can be used for BM but some can not. They get too hot, there are some that say on the package can be used with BM. But anything that has been frozen if warned to fast will loose vital nutrients. The cup of cool water for a bit them warm is waht the NICU told me to do unless I needed it fast then to put it straight in the room temperature water. The NICU never gave her milk in her bottle warmer then room temp, which wa snot body temp of course. umm
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