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How long does it take for your milk to dry up? Mine feels to have decreased in amount, but if i manipulate my breast/nipple (as in hand expression) i get a few squirts and drops.... then i quit.  Does the milk totally stop coming out or is this my new normal?
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Are you talking about quitting breastfeeding cold turkey, or just naturally cutting back on feeding? If you just start feeding less and less, your milk reduces itself steadily, until it ceases to be produced at all. It keeps pace with your baby's usage.
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Some women it can take years, but typically takes around 6 months to be completely and totally "dried up". It could be breast discharge (which is normal) If you want it to stop, some women swear by cabbage leaves, but the best thing you could do is to do absolutely no nipple stimulation and wear tight fitting bras.

Don't forget about us Logi. We need you for support and answers! You're always so personal and have great tips. X
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