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What happend ?!

What happend to my breast milk . Okay i aalways feed my baby  every hour causes alwaya hungry so i dont see why it can dry out or something . After everyfeed it takes hours to come back & not in ny them next feeding &  my baby crys & crys causee she doesnt get any milk so i have to suppliment with formula & i even pumped while i give her formula . Im only 17 & this is my first baby & shes only three weeks anout to be four weeks . Whata going on ?!
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If you ever have to give formula, make sure you pump. (Every skipped feeding will decrease supply more)
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Thank ypu for your timee, & help (:
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I'd go in to WIC when they are open and get some help. It could be you need to drink more water or it could be the way she is latching on to the nipple isn't as efficient for getting milk out so not stimulating to make more milk it could be any number of things. Keep offering the breast first and pump after each feeding to try and stimulate your milk supply. Make sure you have a glass of water to drink every time you breastfeed. You have to stay well hydrated to keep her well hydrated ;). This will get easier. If you aren't able to increase your supply other ways you can try an herbal suppliment called fenugreek which increases milk supply.
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I always offer her the breast first ! She suckss & then relizes shes not getting any milk , & starts crying . When i pumped ia usally get once from my breast, ia used to get 4 OZ ! I wass gonna go to WIC but its closed todaay .
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make sure you are drinking lots of water... it can be a huge factor......

the issue with supplementing with formula is that chances are she will eat less from the breast at each feeding decreasing your supply.. pumping is not as efficient or good at increasing your milk supply..  its kind of a vicous circle because your baby is hungry so what do you do....

my supply was all over the place in the beginning, one day i would have too much then 2 days later not enough...  i just put her at the breast as much and as long as she wants to help..

your baby goes through alot of growth spurts in the early days.. one of them tend to be during the 3-4 week period..  they can last anywhere from 1 day to a week...  they are rough..  your baby feeds all the time, never seems satisfied, is more fussy... mine almost never sleeps in the dAY during them...

in the early days anytime i used a pumped my baby would not get satisfied by me at feedings for about 24 hrs, the milk i pumped would help a bit but i would have alot of frequent feeds to follow...  i found my supply stabilized around 6 1/2 weeks old and now if i pump its fine...

how much do you get when you pump?

sometimes the issue might not be hunger...  when my baby wants to feed after a really short time, i always try distractions first, jazz music, tours of the house,  floor play (to get her away from my chest as the smell is to tempting), bicylcing her legs to see if its gas (if the baby has alot of gas they eat freq bcuz a full stomach relieves it)..  obv if your baby is really hungry these things wont work..  i read an article that suggested going for a walk outside with your bsby if they r going bat **** for food but you just fed them... the fresh air helps to put them to sleep.. if she falls asleep, chances are she wasnt too hungry .. if she continues to fuss or cry then she is definitely hungry.. i tried it two days ago when my daughter kept trying to eat and was crying during her growth spurt after feeding her for 2 hrs.  it actually worked....

if it a supply issue and she needs the formula, give breast first then the formula...  i would meet with a lactation consultant to see if they can offer advice..  you are in a rough spot for your babys age so just keep at it
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