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When did you get your period?

I'm curious - when did your period start after you had your baby?  was it while you were nursing (and how old was the baby) or was it after you stopped (and how long did you nurse for)?  I feel like my body can't figure out what's going on.  I was cramping yesterday and thought I was spotting.  there was a small amount of color in the toilet after I peed the last two nights in the evening - like the water was tinted red.  The tissue was the same (sorry if it's TMI).  Today- I feel great and nothing. I've worn panty liners during the day and there has been zero to speak of.  I know I have no way of knowing if/when my period will come-but - I'm just curious and have time to kill right now.  The baby's asleep and the DH is out.  

As a side note - I am not taking any kind of birth control - I refuse to take the 'mini pill' that is excreeting in breast milk even though dr's say it's safe.  We're super frisky and aren't using any kind of birth control so who knows - implantation bleeding?  And my milk supply is good - I can't notice any changes to speak of.
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My baby was 9 months when I got my period back.  It is like you describe though as your body ramps up to ovulate and finally the hormones peak enough for you to either ovulate or trigger an period without ovulation.  That being said although it is common to have your first period prior to ovulation there are plenty of people who get pregnant prior to the return of their period...there's just no way to know!  Good luck!
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i got it exactly 4 weeks after weaning. after that cycle, they were irregular for months... 8 weeks, 6 weeks, 5 weeks, etc...
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My dd is 7.5 months now and I am still bfing. I got my first period when she was 5 months and they have been regular ever since. I miss the days of not having a period!
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My baby is 3 mons old and still no period!!  Yay!!
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Thanks ladies - I still have no idea what is happening with my body.  It's great not to have had a period in 15 months - after the baby was born I only bled/spotted for about 3.5 weeks.  I guess with my son being 6.5 months old now I'll just have to carry around supplies and be prepared when ever/where every things start!
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I nursed my son for 18 months and never had a period during that time. Although I did have a few times where old brown blood came out, but nothing ever like a real period. I felt lucky. After that I got the IUD and my periods completely stopped for 3 years when I got it removed!
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Well with my daughter i stoped breastfeeding when she was 15 months. i had only 2 perionds and then i got pregnant with damian and he is 3 months and no period.
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I am still BF-ing my 12 month old, and I havent had a period since April 07. She's been eating food since she was about 7 months. I am guessing my period will return once I completely stop.
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I have been spotting for the past 3 or 4 months. My dd is 4 1/2 months now and i jut finished my first "normal" cycle. Dont know if they will become regular though. I also had no warning and no cramps with this one. Weird. I havent been that fortunate since I was 16 or 17. (im now 30)
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I got my period when my son was 3 months old, he is 5 months now. I BF, no suppliments. My first one was really painfull, I'm on my third cycle now with no cramping.
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I got my first cycle when my baby was 4 months..and  I was bf exclusively.... and had no warning..after that they were irregular for couple months then every month there is was! and I just stopped nursing at 10 months..so I was a unlucky one who got a cycle during bf...

So who's to say when it will come or not...it stinks I was hoping to not have it during bf
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I would like to have another baby.I'm looking forward for my peroid to come back.But I won't stop breastfeed until my girl ready for it. She is 9 months.
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hmm well is there something wrong with me??!! lol my baby is only 7 weeks old and i started my period last week,,i stopped my spotting after i had my baby when he wwas four weeks old and now im on my preiod...is this normal???
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bumping my question!
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I just had my son 9 weeks, 1 day ago. He is exclusively breastfed still and my period returned at 8 weeks  4 days postpartum. Lucky me.
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