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Will a little alcohole show in breastmilk?

I have posted before saying how I can not get my 6mnth old Archie to take a bottle.
I have a big night out due mid May which I was really hoping to go to, and have a few spritzers.
I have never been a big drinker and tend to get tipsy quite quickly, my worry is that if I go out for a few hours and have 1 or 2 white wine spritzers that when Archie wakesup 2 go on the breast it will effect him.
I haven't been out for about 18mnths and would love a night out but not at Archies expense.
He has never slept very well so is up every1-2 hours sometimes he can be rocked to sleep but mostly he wants the breast. Any advice?
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I don't think people will be willing to dive into this topic again so quickly, so I recommend you reading the responses on http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/480450.

OPINION: I can only say that I would probably have one white win spritzer and call it quits at that. I'm not sure what time you are planning on going out, so the timing effects your response to the alcohol (as does your weight and what you know about your body). I recommend checking out the link on the one of the postings here which discusses how long it takes to have alcohol released from your system after drinking. Best wishes!
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I agree lawgirl-  but this one is slightly different from the other post-  the other poster is planning on pumping, storing milk and bottling feeding if necessary "good" milk-  she has the option to "pump and dump" if necessary...  

you however say you feed your child every 2 hours...  just a question, but if he isn't going to bottlefeed while you are out, how are you going to go out for longer then about an hour?  My opinion on this, if you are planning on nursing shortly after your drinks...  I wouldn't drink at all...  when I was nursing I would pump and store, and if I had a drink or two, I would wait a while to pump (until I felt it was out of my system), or I would just pump and not save it, but that didn't happen often...  My opinion is to work very hard on getting him to take a bottle (but I am sure that is easier said then done, and I don't know your story on this one), but you have a little bit more freedom if you can do this...  it is nice to be able to get out every once and a while and have some time to yourself...  good luck!  
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