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Yeast infection in breast

I've finally got Kaelynn nursing and not having any problems but my left nipple is on fire and shooting pains when she nurses or I pump the very tender to the touch it even hurt in the shower.

I went to Dr this morning and he diagnosed me with mastitis and put me on antibiotic.

Last night I went to LLL meeting and the midwife leader there says it looks like yeast and with me craving sugar since I delivered it sounds like yeast. She gave me oil of oregano to put on my nipple and take orally.

I'm not sure if I should take the antibiotic or not. If it's yeast it's just going to make it worse not better. I really don't want Kaelynn getting the antibiotic either. Both the Dr and pharmacist said it's safe and only 1% gets in my milk.

Anyone know anything about a yeast infection in your breast and what you did for it?  
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I only know of prescriptions for breast yeast infections.
The antibiotics for mastitis are safe for both mom and baby. Not only is such a tiny percentage passed on to the baby, the antibiotic would be safe for baby anyways. Infants and newborns can receive antibiotics.

However, I am not sure it is mastitis. Do you have a fever? Any lumps? Other than the pain, is there any other sign of mastitis? It does sound like it may be a yeast infection. Are there any open sores? Once I had pain and didn't even notice a sore under the nipple. Is the nipple chapped or does it look like the other?
IS the pain on the outside or feel like it's on the inside?

You can take the antibiotic as a precaution, or wait a day and see if the symptoms look more mastitis-like. It's up to you, obviously. When I had mastitis, there was no doubting it. Fever, cold symptoms, clogged duct, misery. If you suspect it is yeast, then I would ask the doctor for a prescription for treating yeast. Also, have your baby examined for signs of yeast. If it is yeast, both mom and baby may need to be treated. When my baby had signs of a possible minor yeast infection, her ped wrote both her and me a script, even though I had no signs of it.
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If it's not mastitis (and yes, you will know for sure in a day or two), I wouldn't take the antibiotics.

I agree that  it sounds like a yeast infection to me.  This can be miserable. After bearing it for about 4 months (and also my Obe's resident telling me there was no such thing as yeast infection in the breast - I changed Obe after that).  

I ended up on a 4 week course of fluconozole to treat it.... which finally worked...  My daughter never showed signs of yeast infection.  But she was also treated when i was - but with a shorter course of nystatin meds..

There are also other oral and topical meds.  
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yes it sounds like an yeast infection. i was treated for mastitis at 1st but the pain didnt go away so they treated me for yeast infection. i am currently finishing the course of fluconozole the pain as gotten a little better but i still get sharp shotting pain now and then. i have stopped taking in dairy products and cut down on sweets and taking prebiotics pills. also you can use vinegar to clean your breast after feeding i havent tried it yet since i am using a topical cream in addition to the pills. hope it gets better soon i am also going to post a question in regards to this.  
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I had a yeast infection and ended up taking antibiotics (DD was 10 months at the time and the antibiotics were safe for her)  and my daughter ended up having an oral thrush infection and was put on Nystatin. I was also told to place heat packs on the breast and to breast feed normally, that is VERY important. The pain is terrible but it does get better over time. Good luck!
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