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about increasing milk

Actually i want to ask ,i've not enough milk in my breast.So, i'm giving formula and brest milk to my BABY(he is only 2 months).I've no idea what to eat and how to take care to produce enough milk.as an Indian we people are eatin more spice things,but i'm not takink now those type of food now a days. My doctor suggests me that not to drink cow's milk (because of colic for my baby )and acid formate things such as tomato,citric food and pickle also.now i'm drinking soy milkand eating boil vegetables with garlic and different type of lentile .so suggest me what i'll do?
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Hi and congrats on your baby boy!
Unfortunately, once you start giving formula your milk supply goes down. I realize that it is important for your baby to be fed, but please make sure that your baby nurses for as long as possible, and then offer formula. Don't replace any nursing sessions with formula- just supplement after the fact. If that does not work for you, consider pumping milk during any nursing sessions that you do skip. The very best way to increase your milk supply is stimulation and emptying of the breasts. The baby would be most effective, but pumps work as well. If your baby gets frustrated and goes not nurse for long enough, you can pump after he is done. Even if you are not getting milk, the extra stimulation will signal to your body to start making more milk. This process takes a while but after a week or 2 you may begin to notice a difference.

as for what to eat, i personally found that my supply was boosted when I ate healthy meals with meat. If you are vegetarian, make sure you are getting enough protein from other sources. I had no problems eating spice, and if you miss it, you can slowly introduce it back in to your diet to see if it really is affecting your baby. Same with milk- if you want milk, try to slowly introduce it back in to your diet. If you see a change in your baby, then you'll know he's sensitive to it. If not, then it was probably other things causing his colic. Other things they say help boost supply are oatmeal and beer- nonalcoholic beer contains just as much hopps as alcoholic and can be a safer option. There are also herbal supplements that supposedly help with milk supply, but i don't know if they're available by you. For example, many people say that fenugreek is really effective.

Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions. If you find your doctor's advice isn't working, you can also contact a lactation consultant or La Leche League.
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Thanks for ur comment. once i ate fenugreek.but i don't take it in regular basis.my babu is taking only formula three times a day.that is at 12 p.m 8 p.m and 12a.m.other time he is drinkink from me.problemis that when he is sucking from me he is sleeping after 5/7 mins.if i'll try to wakine up,he does not.for that when he'll cry then i'll feed him from me except that three time table.i hope your advice will work.i must try.

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could you please answer me how to preserve brest milk and how long.in the freezer or freeze.after taking from cols should i boil or what.please say me?
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I'd also make sure you're staying hydrated.  I feel like I'm always thirsty and drinking water -but I really believe it helps keep my supply up.  Best of luck.
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I have to drink tons of water to keep my supply up. I've learned the more I drink the more i produce! I have never had to supplement with formula. I always read it was not good for the baby. The more you supplement the less milk you produce. So only do it after you've fed him from both sides and if he's still hungry.
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