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almost 6 months

chloe is almost 6 months and has been eating NON STOP the past few nights.. i have started her on a little rice cereal from a spoon once a day, maybe I should try it at night? any suggestions? my boobs are killing me haha
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Some kids just need to eat more than others. My borther was just over 3 months when my mom had to start adding rice cereal to his milk because he wasn't getting enough to eat. If you want to try it put a small amount of rice cereal in a bottle with milk (you will need to make the hole in the nipple a little bigger).
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she only feeds straight from the breast so i cant do a bottle. but she is old enough to start spoon feeding anyway so ill def. have to keep up with that.she never eats this much at night!shes been sleeping through the night since like a month old!
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Sounds like another growth spurt to me. I can't believe she's 6 months old already. Time sure goes by fast :)
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i know it! Makes me sad! :(
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I went through a similar thing with my baby...  I just had to power through it!  Went back to some Lansinoh and just walked around as much as I could with no bra/nursing pads to try and heal/cool off!
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Sounds like she's definately ready for some solids, i'd start with the rice cereal too, maybe some in the morning and then maybe late afternoon, see if this fills her up for the night.
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i've started solids and she has done great! def. more filling for her but still bf'ing!
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Could also be the heat...my babies also breastfed a lot more during the summer months...
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i never even thought of that!
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