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anyone breastfeeding right now?

Are you multitasking? I'm eating pizza while my baby boy eats! Share those stories mamas!
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Lol this morning while baby was nursing I had one hand supporting his head and the other I used to eat my pancakes
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Baby girl was feeding and someone came to the door. Unfortunately they kept ringing the door bell would not leave and her dad was out at the store so I had to answer it cause they were freaking the dog out. Needless to say they got a show they weren't prepared for lol.  
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Lol cute stories! Great job on feeding those babies
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I breastfed the first 5 weeks. Im now 6 weeks pp and just pumping and feeding. But when I breastfed I did everything from eat, vaccuming, shopping everything.
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I occasionally pump, like when I'm really full and he doesn't get all the milk. I give him a bottle at least 1 day a week. Yay for you pumping!!
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I've given my older daughter (two this week!) a bath, a diaper change, etc while breastfeeding my baby. :)
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Wow, that's impressive!
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I'm pumping at work right now, perfect time to do emails and read message boards.
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Today we read stories with birth girls on my lap while baby was nursing. I tell my husband this is why I'm so "touched out" when he gets home! It's definitely an adventure with two this little.
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I'm inspired to do more while nursing! Thanks to you super moms
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