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bf problems...again :(

so before i had problems with cracked/bleeding latching problems, i finally had a whole week where all was perfectly fine i actually started LOVING breastfeeding..... only to get mastitis 5 days ago.... the worst pain i have felt, the fever , chills, body aches were horrible!!!!!!! now i am taking antibiotics, and i went back to the doctor becuase pain is still not going away,  i am now engorged as well in the right breast and the pump WIC let me borrow dont work and it is the last one they have until next week. and hand expressing hurts right now,,,,,, this is just getting so hard. i  am really thinking formula needs to come in now.. my son is 1 month, 1 week and 1 day old today..... i have tried sooo hard and kept going for it only to get worse. i dont know what to do anymore. and massaging the breast hurts as well.... it causes sharp shooting pains... i am sooo frustrated. dont know what else to do!!!!?????
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Hot compresses and warm showers help, heating pads.  Hand express in the shower the warm water helps to get the milk flowing. Also as much as it hurts nurse from that side as much as possible.  Take Tylenol too.  Baby is the best thing to empty the breast.  I've had mastitis so many times I can't count anymore.(nursed 3 babies successfully so far)  I just power through and glad I did.  Also if you introduce formula now you will still have to go through the process of drying up your milk. Good luck hope u feel better soon.
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thanks i did this things and it did help :) i commented here but i see it didnt take,,, anyways;

You said you have had in so many times. Like with the same child? So i can get this again???? My goodness i hope not i enjoy breastfeeding i cant imagine that all over again, i was told though it is because i have a infection in my molar, which is also broken  (getting it pulled out on the 6th) but that any infection can run into my breast milk and cause it to infect there also ??! And that's probably why i got Mastitis.
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Yes you can get it again!!! Fun right???  The main reason I have had it so many times with baby number 3 is because I have had breast surgery in between baby 2 and 3 so because of scar tissue my dr thinks that's why.  You can do things to help not get it or should I say I have found things that help. Make sure when feeding baby empties the breast.  At the first sign of a blocked duct, let baby nurse that side as much as possible, massage the area, hot compresses, the things I suggested earlier to break up the blocked area do it won't get infection.  If you have cracked or bleeding nipples, when baby is done feeding let your nips air dry completely and apply lanolin to promote healing.  If the nips are really bad apply a warm salt water soak 2x daily let air dry and then apply lanolin.  Only do this for about 3 days because the salt can be too drying for some.  If the salt solution is too drying use a vinegar and water solution but rinse the excess off and pat dry and let air dry apply lanolin.  Don't wear constrictive bras or underside.  You most likely wont get it again but if you do it can be managed!  Glad your better, good luck with the tooth!  And if you have more questions post here or inbox me  im no expert but I've got experience and I will be glad to try and help.
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Also forgot to ad my dr allowed me to take ibuprofen but only for three days and it was 600 mg 2x daily.  You can ask ur dr if you arr allowed to take it.  Ibuprofen decreases inflammation and is great for pain.  And last drink tons of water to help flush things out.  Good luck.
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Trying43 had a really good suggestion on the warm compress.

You could also try leaning forward (leaning is important to allow gravity to help w/ removal) over a warm pan of water, dipping the breasts in and then lifting them out repeatedly. This is done to remove plugged ducts. If regular hand expression and pumping hurts, try using reverse hand expression since the milk absolutely has to be removed for you to heal. This is probably one of the hardest times to stop bf, since this is the fastest thing to heal the infection/mastitis.

(Some women find that by switching between warm and cool compresses, they are able to tackle the engorgement and soothe the pain more quickly) Give it a whirl, the temperatures can’t hurt you as long as they’re not excessive. (too hot or too cold)

I'm so sorry you're in pain. We are here for you sister. Let us know how these things help. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers. X

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