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breast feeding and breast pain

iam really going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iam 24 years old and just had ababy 3 months ago. iam breast feeding my baby, since i was really young i started having this slight pain in my left breast with left breast slightly larger than the right one. and over the years it started to get stronger but in very distance periods. around my second trimester i started to feel the pain more sharper and experianced lymph nodes pain under armpit,under breast and at the sides of it.then around the 3rd trimester it came back much stronger and including pain at the neck,back and sholder..now and i have this pain all over my left side from head to toe(head,behind ear,neck,shoulder,arm,joints,knees,chest,abdomen,back) i had an ultra sound but the doctor told me i have normal breast tissue and no lumps even under the arm..could this be an advanced breast cancer? iam so concerned that it could be spreaded to lymph nodes,brain and bone..all iam thinking about is DEATH and am not gonna be there for my baby,,iam letterly going insane..plz help me.
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I was checking out your other posts, and saw you added this:

"what are the symptoms of mastitis?? cuz i have had an ultra sound and the doctor said its all fine. but some times i can feel these little masses when my breasts are full of milk around the painfull area..but they disappear when iam done breastfeeding..and just today i noticed that its getting reddish."

These little masses when your breasts are full are completely normal. It is the milk ducts full of milk. At times, they do get clogged, and you may feel a painful mass. Frequent nursing, massage, and heat can help remove clogs. If these areas are getting reddish, then you may be developing mastitis, which is an infection. With mastitis, you would develop a fever, and these areas would become red, inflamed, and insanely painful to touch. I had mastitis once, and it was the worst illness i've had. I had flu-like symptoms with fever, body aches, etc...

All that said, mastitis would not explain your symptoms that developed before and during pregnancy. I really would see another doctor. The causes of these symptoms can be something serious, or something surprisingly simple. For example, I had a minor back injury a few years ago that resulted in a knot in a muscle in my back. Should have been no big deal, but that knot happened to be in a location with lots of nerves, and I ended up with numbness on that entire side- should, arms, hands, fingers, etc... Be persistant and insist on being heard.
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I don't know much about this, but i think that if the doctor says your breast tissue is normal and there's no lumps, then it's most likely not breast cancer. that doesn't mean there isn't something else going on, or that there is... by the way, it is completely normal for your breasts to be different sizes.
have you had blood work done? What kinds of doctors have you seen? I would see another doctor, and if they they don't know what's wrong, then demand to be referred to a specialist. Pain on one side of your body can indicate something neurological, or it can be something like an injury to your back or spine (which would explain it being aggrevated as your pregnancy progressed). Any type of chronic pain should be investigated, but I definitely wouldn't panic. I would feel confident that a malignant cancer that you fear would in some way be detected by a physician.
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