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breast feeding tips please!!!

I go in to be induced for my vbac tomorrow night and am more nervous about breast feeding than I am about labor! I had an absolutely awful experience with it the first time. Engorged breasts, baby boy wouldn't latch, blistered, bleeding, ended up losing my milk to a breast infection after two weeks. I would so appreciate any tips for successful breastfeesing, I am desperate to get it right this time!
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I had a hard time breastfeeding my last baby and only stuck with it for 2months. This time I'm determined to get it right and make sure I read up in it nightly. I have found a lot of good tips on pintrest, its an app and very helpful. I was even able to find out where I went wrong. Try pintrest.
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See if there is a breastfeeding support group in your area! I've never been but heard that even if your having an ok time they are really nice to go to
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Support groups are heaven sent, also utilize ask the free help you can get while at the hospital...they have lactation consultants available there, lastly, talk to your pediatrician, they typically have good tips and can tell you where you're going wrong.
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Also many pediatricians have lactation consultants that can help.
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Check to see if there is a La Leche League chapter in your area. They are a group of breastfeeding mothers who support one another in their breastfeeding journey and also have monthly meetings. There is a website that has great resources at www.llli.org. If there is a group in your area, they probably have a Facebook page, and a lot of times there are women in the groups that you can call any time day or night to offer advice and support. I've also found a great resource in midwives that offer lactation consulting for a pretty reasonable fee, they too will probably take text messages or calls any time to help you in your efforts. Good luck, momma and remember to stay calm and persist! You and your baby deserve it!
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Lanolin cream! Use it before and after every feeding. Its safe for baby and its a life (breast) saver!
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I agree with looking into a bf group.  The first day you meet the women you will likely see each others boobs so you can talk about anything from there!  It is nice to hear stories from other moms who are struggling and those who are pros can give you tips! Plus it is nice to just get out of the house.  My tip is to stick with it. It does get better!  And Lanolin will be your breast friend!  Good luck.
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Thank you all! Support group seems to be the common theme, I will definitely look into it!
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