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breast feeding....

This is my fifth child I plan on breast feeding her...as I did with my other four but kinda having second thoughts bc every time I breast feed my nipples would get blood blisters the would be very sore n by the time I got out of the hospital they would b engorged really bad so I would pump and I would only get 1-2 ounces out of both breast ....
It was so painful every time I would breast feed and the baby would latch on it would feel like sumone was ripping my nipple off...I even had help from a lectrician nurse n it didn't help..
So of some of u can give me ur advice and opinions o would greatly appreciate it!! My baby will b here n 10weeks 5days.... :)
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You poor thing! Something was definitely going majorly wrong. You know breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt. If you were experiencing that much pain, not only were you suffering, but the baby’s latch wasn’t right and may have not been getting efficient amounts of milk. I’m sorry you were not given the proper support during your breastfeeding trial. My hopes are that you can find a good breastfeeding class to teach proper latching techniques. You want to hear the words “baby’s ears shoulders hips aligned” “tummy to tummy/chest to chest/chest to breast”, “nose to nipple”, “head tilt”,  “wide gape”,  ”plenty of breast/areola”,  and most importantly “if hurts, break the suction & try again”

IF the baby is not getting a proper latch and needs to eat… Spoon, cup, or finger feeding will not interfere w/ your baby’s learning process.
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Thanks alot...but I always wanted to succeed in breast feeding an it seemed liked the more kids I have i learn more and more but i was nvr successful...but I'm hoping I succeed this time I really wanna go all the way through the first yr... I've talked to a couple lactrician nurses at the hospital...n each time they told me I was doing it right that it will hurt for a couple of seconds n it should go away...but it just got worse when l got home I had no choice but to use a bottle...I guess my nipples just can't handle it...Idk but I plan on researching and seeing if I can figure out a way to get through it! :)
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Your nipples can handle it. It wasn't your nipples or breasts that were the problem it was the baby either a poor latch or maybe a tongue tie. If it hurts that much something is not right. Sometimes lactation consultants at the hospital aren't as helpful as the board certified laceration consultants that you can get to come to your home after you are discharged. Also le leche league an breastfeed USA are wonderful (FREE) groups for moms and even pregnant moms. Try attending a meeting in your area before delivery. You can always call the leader after delivery if you need help. Look up a meeting in your area through their website.
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Although it is preferable to breastfeed, breastfeeding should not come at the cost of great discomfort to the mother. Choose the best formula you can. Two generations grew up on formula and survived. In recent decades improvements have been made in formulation.

And don't waste your emotions on guilt.
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I had a lot of pain when the baby latched and was told by many on here and at the hospital that it should fade after 2 weeks. It did- i guess my nipples got tougher?

If they say the latch is good (which it may not have been like the others suggested), then I would focus on different techniques to help it heal while they toughen up a bit. There are many products and techniques you can try. Lanolin cream helps soothe nipples and is safe for the baby. They make gel things called soothies that you can put in the fridge and then on your nipples between feedings. When my nipples got really bad (from pumping, not nursing but still applicable) I would use nipple shells. They are plastic shells that you wear under your bra that prevent the nursing pads or bra from touching your nipples. I found that if I had wounds that bled, everytime they started to heal or develop a scab, it would rip off because it stuck to the pads. The shells also allow air circulation which promotes healing. And don't forget the healing power of breastmilk! I actually found it was more effective than lanolin. After nursing or pumping I applied a little breastmilk to my nipples and let it air dry (or wore the shells). It's amazing how much faster they healed, and if I did that then in general I got less sores.
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You did a very good thing trying w/ your others. I'm glad to hear they have such a good mama.

You said you were forced to give a bottle. I would avoid these and pacifiers (any artificial nipple including shields) for the first couple of weeks to avoid nipple confusion. During the times that the baby "must" be supplemented (either by colostrum, formula or sugar water) use a spoon or cup. This can be done at any age... whether they are a year, a month, or an hour old. Just support your baby's head in an upright position (hold the baby upright) and slightly tilt back the spoon on the baby's lower lip. They will begin to lap at the supplement and regulate their own feeding. This will satify your baby's hunger, but not their sucking reflex... This is just what we want. Your baby will "take out" their sucking urge on your breast instead of a pacifier or bottle.

Just keep in mind IN THE 1ST COUPLE OF WEEKS, NO BOTTLES, NO PACIFIERS! This is the most common reason for nipple pain and latch issues. This message is confusing for most mothers since the OB routinely hands these out and gives mothers mixed messages. (including discharge bags w/ a "gift" of formula) You can put your foot down sister and let the staff know that you would like to do things the baby friendly way.

Immediate Skin-to-Skin (or at very least w/in an hour after birth)
(letting your baby route around and find your breast, they may self latch w/in one hour... Sometimes it can take two depending on medications and birth trauma)

Exclusive breastfeeding (to protect secretory IgA in gut) (at very least if dr demands supplement, and refuses time to let you hand express colostrum, this should be done by spoon, cup, or by SNS, and you should express to avoid skipped feedings which will ultimately hurt your supply)

Routine Exams are a prime time for RN's to "PLUG THAT BABY UP" I understand that they do not want to hear screaming when they are pricking your baby's heals and doing  exams... so they plug up the screaming w/ a pacifier... Just remember, you're the one that has to go home w/ baby & they shouldn't have gotten into OB if they didn't want to hear screaming... Laboring women + newborn babies= lots of screaming. Ask if they can do all exams in room or in your presence since this is the prime time for them to sneak one in and wheel your baby back w/ that little "soothie"

Emergency Cesarean? Hold your baby skin to skin as soon as possible. Some hospitals allow a mother to have baby placed STS (skin to skin) immediately after birth w/ assistance (since arms will be strapped down)... If mother isn't able to, have father do this (STS is the fastest way to warm the baby... not bulbs. And a cold baby is the fastest way to let sugar levels drop... Let's keep baby warm and comfortable)

ROOMING IN- This is a big one.... This gives mothers time for STS, recognizing baby's feeding cues, and is a sure way to know your baby wasn't given a bottle or pacifier.

Breastfeeding Assistance- Ask the hospital staff if they have an LC on staff, if they don't ask them to provide you w/ resources in your area.

Breast Pumps- Use these w/ any skipped feedings, but more importantly use hand expression and breast massage to give your body both hormones needed to maintain supply.

Say "NO!" to discharge bags (or at least take the formula out and ask them to donate it to someone who plans to formula feed)

Find a support system- This is the most important thing to do and you can find that right here sister. We are all on your side and cheering for you as you try to reach your goal. :) Good luck and keep us posted w/ any questions or concerns.
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