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breast milk question.

I'm planning on bf plus, formula. Im also going to pump my.milk as.well.
My boy friend asked why I couldn't just pump my milk and gave.it to our baby.in the.bottle ..
My question is, is there any diff from pumping then feeding from bottle rather then baby feeding right from the breast? & would I still lose the weight just by pumping?
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The only difference is that bottle fed babies tend to get more gas, and it takes time to prepare a bottle versus just putting the baby on your breast to feed, otherwise pumping will still give you can the baby all the same benefits.
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It's better to feed straight from your breast. Pumping the milk and bottle feeding makes the milk lose a lot of it's nutrients. And I'm pretty sure you would still lose weight.
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Thanks ladies. Im still going to bf. I was just curious if it was still all the same. :)
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Anytime. :)
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Pumping is really hard work too. I hated it I never got sleep because you have to pump every 2 hours feed baby then at night you pump every 3 hours then feed baby change baby what ever. It deprives you of sleep. It is so much easier to just straight breastfeed.

You will loose the same amount of weight pumping or breastfeeding.
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