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Ive been pumping 3 times a day nd nd no milk I havent had a pump in a month nd a half nd just got one nd no I have been pumping nd milk nd mu baby will only eat off me like 3 times a day if im lucky cuz I have no milk:( will it go back up...
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The more you pump inbetween feedings the more your body will produce. It may take a bit but be patient.  Try also increasing your hydration. That may help.
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Hm thanks ! Ya I just really want to keep nursing him until hes 6 months at least
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Just keep latching and keep pumping. The more you latch and the more you pump the more you produce. It's supply and demand. The more you demand the more you will supply. Take note a pump is never an indicator of how much milk you make. It isn't as efficient as your baby and some women just can't pump because their bodies just won't respond to the pump. But it is still stimulation and the baby may be taking the milk that has started to increase. You don't have to be leaking every where to know your making milk. Your milk regulates your breast don't encore and you stop leaking it's because like I stated your milk regulates to suit baby's needs. A lot of women confuse their breasts feeling flat and not being leaky as low supply. It's not true in most cases. The best and most accurate way to tell if your making enough is count your baby's wet diapers 5 or more is an indicator that you are making plenty

To help with production eat oatmeal, take demurrer, and make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Pump and latch often also.
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Agree with ^^^^ baby2014
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Wo ive been breastfeeding alot nr when I pump nothing ever always a drip:(
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Some women's bodies just don't like breast pumps. Pumps are inferior compared to baby. I have some times where I know I'm full and I can barely get an ounce out.
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