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breastfeeding and pregnancy


I just found out I'm pregnant again (planned and assisted).  I am breastfeeding my 19 month old daughter and don't want to stop yet.

However, the last 2 weeks breastfeeding has been excrutiatingly painful.  Feels like my boobs are burning up.  I think this is just a result of the pregnancy hormones hitting my system.

Has anyone experienced this?  And does anyone know how long until the pain settles down?  Hope it's not going to be this bad for the next 9 months!
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I cant tell you how long it will last because I only breastfed for the first two months during my second pregnancy. But it was a little uncomfortable. I did want to suggest though, that you talk to your doctor because if you are breast feeding while pregnant you might want to be on some extra vitamins or something. Breast feeding alone takes from you but being pregnant on top of that is taking even more!
Good luck and congrats!!!
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No advice, but congrats!!! Very impressive that you have gone so long :) And so exciting that there's another on the way.
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Well, saw my obe on saturday.

She agreed that the extra sore boobs are mastitis.  And seeing i've had it for 4 uncomfortable weeks already she gave me antibiotics (safe for early pregnancy).  They're already feeling a bit better today after 2 days of antibiotics....

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