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breastfeeding twins??

I would like to know if there is anyone how have twins and breastfed? They say you can breastfeed twins both at the same time, but if you are alone what do you do when you need to get the winds out of 2 babies at the same time? Any advise are welcome. I'm a first time mommy and that of twins!
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I've wondered the same thing!!  I look forward to hearing responses :). Congrats on your twins!!
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I have not had twins but tandem feed two of my girls who were 15 months apart. You need a bobby and not the off brand or be able to have your legs up indian style when feeding. I always put the heads together for when they were little and needed burping. I have an overactive let down so all 4 I have nursed chock alot even at a year old. If you position them in your lap with their heads together, get one on the breast and then lean forward and get the other on so you are leaning forward to were you can scope them up heads in your hands and bodies down your arms, that way they can both look up at your face the same time and you don't have to turn from side to side to look at each one and miss if one is choking or needs burped. Now for the burping with one arm you can learn this easy! pick up on up to your shoulder and burp then bring back down to the same position, when they get bigger you can just sit them up some to burp and slde them back down all while nursing the other with no issues. It sounds hard but as every mom knows we learn to do lots with one arm and it works great! My cousin nursed twins and that is how I helped her and it worked great for her even though they were two little ones instead of the 15 months difference that I had. You can also ( never did this but heard it works is use the ring sling with nursing so they can't roll around and you still have your hands free. I only did this when we were out and nursed one at a time in it while the other one was at my hip on the other side. I like the head to head as you have more control of th eposition of both, fece connection, and ability to scope them up fast.

let me know if this works for you:) Twins, what fun!
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Congratulations on the twins!
It is certainly possible to feed both at once, it may take a little practice. I would advise that you start looking at lactation consultants or breastfeeding councilors in your area before your babies arrive. My doula was also a breast feeding councilor and I had her come to my house every day for the first five days after we got home to help me with nursing and it was so worth it, she helped me position and latch my baby and taught me lots of different positions. I only had one baby but having her help was well worth it.
Happy healthy pregnancy!
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Hi and congratulations on your twins!  I have two sets of twins ( and one singleton) and I nursed them all.  My first set I breast and bottlefed (my daughter had a hard time latching).  My second set were great nursers and I breastfed them until they were about 16months.  When I first came home from the hospital, I nursed them one at a time.  They were still learning to latch and I was learning how to feed them.  By the second week or so, I realized that if I didn't learn to feed them at the same time, I would never get anything done!  So, I used a boppy pillow and the football hold ( both of their heads facing in and their feet at my sides).  I made sure that I had a couple of pillows for behind my back so that my back would not hurt.  I would lay them both on the boppy in my lap.  I would get one to latch and then lean forward to get the other one on (it takes practice but is worth the trouble since you get both babies fed).  Once they were both latched, I would adjust the pillows behind me so that my back was supported.  I kept one chair in our living room set up for me so that I did not have to set everything up for myself each time the babies were hungry.  I also learned to keep a bottle of water and the phone on a table next to my chair since nursing made me SO thirsty and the phone always rang the minute I sat down.  By the 2 month mark I had it down pat and could get both babies fed and burped in about 30 minutes.  My babies were never very gassy, so I would let them nurse until they let go and then whoever let go first was burped first.  Once the babies were latched on I could nurse them "hands free" meaning that I could use two hands to burp each baby when they let go (also, if my husband was home, he would take a baby to burp them).  After they burped, I would give them a chance to nurse again (sometimes they were interested and sometimes they were not).  For the first few months, I would alternate sides, baby A would nurse on my left side and then for the next feeding I would put him on the right side.  Eventually though, they did seem to pick a favorite side and would fuss if they were not on "their" side.  I would remember which side baby A nursed on by fastening the clasp on my nursing bra backwards on the side that the baby just nursed on.  This way, at the next feeding I knew which side to put the babies on.  The nurses at the birthing center I delivered at were wonderful and really worked to help me be comfortable nursing both babies.  So ask for help and don't be afraid to ask for help again and again (I did!) until you feel comfortable.  Also, there are support groups for breastfeeding moms that can be invaluable.  Also, I learned to take breastfeeding one day at a time and not make long term decisions (such as "I am going to nurse for the first year).  I found it overwhelming to think long term (especially when I had a tough day) and tried to keep it simple.  Just try and remember that whatever you do, it will be the right thing for you and your babies.  Good luck and I hope you have a nice, easy pregnancy.
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