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brest milk

how can i make moor brest milk i dont seem to have enofe
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Just keep nursing, the more you nurse, the more you will make. It is all supply and demand. Make sure you are keeping hydrated, drink plenty of water. It may take a day or two to notice the increase, but rest assured it will be there. Take the baby and spend 2 or 3 days just nursing as often as he or she wants. Actually, you should be feeding on demand anyway, but encourage the baby to nurse frequently. During growth spurts they will eat very frequently and push the limits of your supply. Avoid the urge to supplement as that will only work to decrease your supply.
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Also, if you have the benefit of nursing on both breasts, nurse for at least 15 minutes on the first to allow your baby to draw out the hind milk. If she still appears hungry, offer the second breast and allow her to nurse as long as she wants. Some babies are frequent and avid nursers and may even require another nip at the first breast. I was only able to use one breast to nurse and my babies literally nursed hourly during the first several months.

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Andi, just out of curiosity, why can you only breastfeed from one breast? You don't have to answer if you don't want to. But I was just curious after reading some of your posts that mention you only nursed from one breast. Maybe youv'e explained it before but I missed it. Again, if its none of my business, that's okay!! :)
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I also had the same problem that I was not making enough milk and my doctor suggested that I use the breast pump when Archie wasnt eating even when there wasn´t anything in the breast, that way the body thinks the baby wants more milk and so produces it.
It worked for me, I was making more than I needed after a while, I did feel like I was a cow being milked for a while because I always had the baby or the pump on the breast, it is very time consuming too!
Good Luck
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fenugreek is an herb that helps increase supply. you can take up to nine per day (three pills three times a day). i highly recommend it. it usually starts working in as little as a week.

additionally, you should pump immediately after you finish nursing for at least ten minutes on each side. this helps to signal to your body that you are not making enough.

it definitely takes work to increase it, but it is well worth it. best wishes!
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Oatmeal. Two big bowls a day with pleanty of water to drink. And nurse, nurse, nurse.
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My right breast just never produced and none of my three could ever latch on it. Doc suspects a benign mass affecting the ducts ( the thought is if it were malignant it would have caused problems sometime in the last 6.5 years) But the boys all thrived (95th percentile) on just the left. But it is double duty and my body adjusted enough to never have to offer a drop of formula and barely any solids during the first year.
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Wow that is amazing!!! What a woman!!! :) I think that many women wouldn't even try to breastfeed with just one breast----they would just assume its hopeless or not worth the trouble. I think that is wonderful!
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I am a stubborn lady, it never occurred to me that it wouldn't work. That is part of the reason I get worked up on the topic of low supply, you have to work to keep up your supply, one breast or two. You can't give up, you can't try to stretch the time between feedings too early, you can't offer a bottle if you want to make it work.

My boys nursed around the clock, literally. No 2-3 hour breaks for me, even at night for the first several months. You body adjusts.

One day my kids will understand exactly what kind of dedication their mom had to them when they realize what it took to nurse them, I hope ;-)
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Yeah you are right--so many people misunderstand that to MAKE more milk, you have to NURSE!!! When my friend had her baby, she didn't nurse right away because she was "waiting for the milk to come in" She told the hospital to give the baby bottles "until her milk came" Well, you know what happened, I'm sure. That milk never did come in very plentifully at all and she gave up because baby liked the bottle after a few days and wouldn't latch on at all. I didn't know all this until too late. With each of my babies, I nursed IMMEDIATELY after birth, and then as much as possible in the first days there at the hospital. And you know what? I have NEVER been engorged, and never had any trouble. It's that supply and demand thing---unfortunately so many people don't understand that it works that way.Even when it seems there is no milk, you just nurse, and then it comes.

You are really amazing and I do hope that your boys understand someday what that took for you to breastfeed them. That is a very loving, unselfish thing to do on your part, because it would have much easier for you to just do bottles.
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You know what the funniest thing is? I always considered nursing to be easier than bottles, even with one breast. I guess it is all perspective. The idea of having to get up, make a bottle, wash bottles, wash nipples, get the right water temp, etc seemed like a waste of time.

It was always much easier just to "set the table" and nurse. BTW, that is what my dh referred to it as while I was getting my breast out to nurse and positioning the boppy,lol.

My boys are still puzzled when they see babies with bottles. We went to a party last night and there were 2 new babies there, one nursing and the other a bottle fed one (low supply, you know,lol) and the breastfed one was born smaller but was larger and more alert despite being 2 weeks younger and coming from smaller parents. My boys were so helpful, getting her a pillow to use while nursing. But when the other one was being fed through a bottle, they just didn't get it. I have tried to explain it as best as possible, but it is such a foreign concept.

Makes me laugh when the naysayers complain about their poor innocent child being exposed to a nursing mother's breast in public...my kids are horrified by a bottle but are excited and happy to see a nursing mom.

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Your post reminds me of a time I had my little kids at Mcdonalds. They were playing in the playland and my 4 year old daughter had met a little friend. They came over to where my young baby was in his seat fussing and hungry. The little friend said, "He needs a bottle!" My daughter promptly replied, "He doesn't drink a bottle! He drinks bosom milk!"  (my mother calls breasts bosoms--so she knew that word)
Anyway--I always thought that was cute, and I was so happy to hear her say that.
I agree--its horrible when someone has an issue with a breastfeeding mom in public. I am so glad my children all accept that as the normal way to feed a baby.
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My boys still refer to it as "mama milk" and sign it when they say it. Silly kids!
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I like that name for it...mama milk. That sounds cute. Hey i am interested in signing---what is the recommended age to start? Is 7 months too young?
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No, not at all. I start with my first at 4 or 5 mos, with each of the other boys I literally started signing from birth. By then it had become habit. It is such a huge help for them because while their receptive speech is pretty advanced even at a young age, their ability to communicate verbally takes a while longer to develop. By giving them the ability to communicate through ASL they are often a lot less frustrated. Since CJ was 6 mos old he would regularly sign "milk" By 8 mos "milk please" By 9 or 10 mos "mama milk please" and when he was frustrated, he would sign it fast!

Good early signs are: milk, please, thank you, more, no, yes, good, happy, and like. I also throw in I Love You. My 3 year old and 6 year old sign I Love You at the same time as saying.

As they grew I kept adding signs. We did the fun ones like animals, colors, relatives, they learned finger-spelling signs early, which has also helped them develop spelling skills early. T and Jonathan (Bub) could spell their names by age 3. And it came in handy this year for Jonathan as his Kindergarten teacher does a lot of ASL, he was way ahead of the curve. It is also very endearing to see my son start a conversation with a deaf person in the store. He doesn't know every sign, but his vocab is quite impressive. Here is a link to him doing the Star Spangled Banner, he was 5 here (notice CJ in the background digging in his diaper...)

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That is awesome! What a cool thing to be able to do. And yes, I LOVED CJ digging in his diaper in the background!! LOL
I hope you don't mind if I looked at some of your other pictures....did CJ swallow a coin??!!
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Yup, swallowed a penny at 9 mos. It was almost missed by the doc when I took him in. She noticed his murmur but assured me he didn't have anything else going on (I took him in because of the rattle, she wasn't our regular pedi) anyway, she gave my orders for the standard cardiac tests when they find a murmur "when I got time" I picked my dh up from work and came back. I knew something was wrong. Sure enough, we got the x-rays and as we were walking out, I looked over and saw it! I about fainted! We were rushed back to the exam room while the pedi tried frantically to get ahold of a pedi GI. Finally got her and we had to drive over an hour away to get it scoped out.

Oh, I don't mind if you look. I am a photo hound.
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Oh my GOSH!! That was probably so scary!! So you didn't even know he had swallowed it! Just that something was wrong with him? Wow!!
A few years ago, my 4 year old niece swallowed a nickel while in the sky IN AN AIRPLANE!!! They had to LAND THE PLANE and take her to a hopsital!!
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I didn't have much luck with the fenugreek.  I was put on Reglan which is actually given to people with stomach problems but it is very cheap and works miracles when it come to increasing breast milk.  One of the side effects is increasing your prolactin levels therefore increasing your milk.  You must get a prescription for it.  I had to ask my doctor for it because a friend of mine recommended it.  Good luck.  This worked better than anything I tried.
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