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co-sleep help

okay as many of you know dd was served and eviction notice from our bed... that hasn't been going so well. Still co-sleeping and bfing at night every two hours!!

So how do i get through this new hurdle... She's sleeping in her own bed until she wakes up (usulayy a misplaced pacifier) if i can coax her back to sleep i'll get another two hours out of her, otherwise she's in my bed again.
I usually put her down by 8-830 by cuddling or else she wont put herself to sleep.The first wake up is usually around 10-12. By midnight she is up & i cant stand to CIO so in my bed she goes.... and a long nurse til she's sleep.
then itseems like ever hour she is "sleep crawling" and crying. She's all over me and the bed. At 2 and 4 (like clockwork) she is up for a quick 1-2minute nursing session and is sound asleep. If i love her at any of these times to get her into her crib (in her room) she's up again and they cycle starts all over.
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How old is she? If less than six weeks or two months I would put up with it. The co-sleeping  approach always seemed too rigid for me and therefore a hard habit to break.. My babies had their own crib in our room and were only in my bed to be fed. Sometimes, of course, we both fell asleep. About pacifiers. I never gave my babies any and they didn't miss them because they never had them. Over and over again I see babies losing theirs and crying.
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sorry i forgot to include that. She's 8 months old.
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I don't have any suggestions. :( I tried to imagine what I would do to try getting my kids out of the bed... nothin. :(

All I can do is offer support while you're going through this tuff time. You're not alone sister. Hopefully someone can come up w/ something. (especially since you don't let baby CIO- which is awesome)
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Very difficult. You might try giving her only a bottle when in bed with you. In breaking one habit, you might be able to break another.
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All I can say is good luck.  I tried all kinds of stuff to kick mine out.  My friend did the cry it out method but I never had the heart to do it.
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i dont have the heart to CIO but I gave my sister the okay to try it.... she said she lasted 40 minutes before she couldn't stand it any more and picked her up :(

I've been thinking of offering a bottle. May have to try that tonight.
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Instead of a bottle try a sippy cup with the soft rubber spout.  You may not want to switch one habit for another.  None of my kids ever took a bottle.  They went straight for the cup.  Also wanted to ad my little one hasn't started sleeping longer until around 11 months.  Before that she wanted to nurse every 2 hours.  Good luck.
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I agree, sounds like she is nursing because she can not necessarily because she needs to for nutrition. I had the same with my son around the same time, I put up with it for about two months during which time I barely slept. I made sure I wore a bra and top he couldn't get into when I was in bed. If he woke I did let him come in my bed but just gave him a sippy cup of water. He
did fuss a bit the first week or so but then he stopped waking and started sleeping through in his crib.
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sice trying to break the habbit, she has learned what's going on and WILL NOT stay down in her crib. I wait until she is in DEEP sleep before trying to move her or put her down (when she falls asleep in my arms) but as soon as her head hits the matress she's up screaming :(

This is not working....
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My boys didn't sleep really good till around age 3 or 4 and it was only in my  bed.  When I was able to put them to sleep in their beds they were back in mine by midnight.  So i quit fighting it and it was less stressful for everyone.  Maybe u should stop for now and try again in a few weeks.  I totally understand what u r going through.
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I can't do the CIO!!! BUT you can DO a more gradual thing. This is what I will suggest. At night time, when she is in your bed NO BREASTFEED ALLOWED at all. She does not need to eat at night at this age. You can provide a pacifier, a bottle with water, etc but NOT YOUR BREAST! She is very smart I would ask to be breastfed if I were her as well. Once you break that habit you can move her to her crib. She will learn little by little that you are serious about things. Provide tons of love but not food.
Start with that and see how it goes.
Then you can put her in her crib and let her cry two minutes, go, give her a kiss (DO NOT GET HER OUT OF THE CRIB) and go.... then you let her cry 4 min, do the same, then 8 and so on. I did 5 minutes at a time and did work. Trust me she will learn, you are not the first not the last to go through this. Moms allow their babies in their bed because we are EXHAUSTED and need to sleep but then we all pay the consequences. She is STILL YOUNG!! DO IT NOW!!!


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Maybe she isn't ready to sleep on her own yet. It sounds to me like she still needs you and may be waking up for reassurance- to know whether or not you are still there. We allowed both our boys to co- sleep with us until they were over a year old. After that we just began placing them in their cribs, and never had any issue with it. If, however, they would have cried or woken up in the night we would have brought them back in bed immediately.
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Try the no cry sleep solutions book
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