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how do i stop breastfeeding

How do i stop breastfeeding without getting huge painful swollen breasts? Im due to go back to work in 3 weeks and expressing just isnt an option at my job as there is no privacy except the toilets and i only get 1 half hour break.
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Since you have 3 weeks to do it I would eliminate one feeding every 2-3 days. As you do this your milk production will decrease. If you want to do it quickly I have heard to just stop nursing and wear the tightest sports bra you can or wrap an ace bandage around your breasts. I have never tried this way but have heard you still get full but that its goes away sooner then if you don't wrap them.
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If you are in the US its a law that your boss gives you time to pump and a place that is comfortable and not the bathroom. Just heard about that rule when I stopped by WIC for info.
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Flickan is right there are laws protecting breastfeading women to pump when needed and time to do so in a comfortable place besides a bathroom. You can Google the law for your state and take it to your manager.
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Yep - by law your employer has to provide a spot for you to pump.  If you decide to stop breast feeding before your return - I agree with the other post about dropping one feeding every few days.  If/when you do get uncomfortable, pump to 'relieve pressure' not to empty out.
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With that law they don't have to give you a private place to pump if it would cause undue hardship or if there are fewer then 50 employees. I had a friend fight with her employer over this when she was breast feeding. She was the only women working at a car parts store.
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I live in australia so im not sure what the laws are here when it comes to breastfeeding. Thanks though will try reducing feeds every few days. :)
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