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how long should i breast feed?

This is my second child and I was just wondering how long you breast fed
I went 8months with my first and felt that it was to long for me any one else feel that way?
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I liked the closeness a lot.  I was still breast-feeding at 18 months and would probably have gone longer if I hadn't had to stop because of doing IVF again.  (Too many added hormones in the milk.)  I'm CERTAIN, however, that my son wasn't getting much nutrition by then, it was totally a comfort habit for him by then.

That said, it is very important to do what feels right for you in parenting, and breastfeeding is no different.  Dr. Sears has a good adage about how, with child rearing, "if you resent it, change it."  If breastfeeding has you pinned down and takes a ton of time while you sit there looking at the house and feeling like you have so much to get done, or if it hurts, or if neither of you is getting much out of it, there is totally nothing wrong to say 8 months is enough, or 6 months, or less.  I have a friend who went shorter and shorter with each kid, to the point where she went less than 2 months with her fourth.  Thing is, with another child in the house, you aren't going to have the luxury of lots of bf sessions and then some housework while the baby naps -- you're going to be busy!  If you've given the baby the all-important colostrum, and then several weeks or a few months, that might be the best you can do.

That said, be prepared for surprises.  You might find it easier the second time around.  You do get better at it the second time around, and might find it handier than messing with bottles.  :)

Take care, don't worry.  :)
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It is the first six months that is most important and is suggested as a minimum. That worked out well for me because by then I was getting very antsy. They weaned without any problem. (They had already been introduced to bottles.)
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I breastfed my eldest until about 22 months, my current daughter, I am still breastfeeding her and she is 13 months old. I will start to wean her soon though as I think she comfort feeds now, and with my eldest daughter I had PND.
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I was only able to breastfeed my first do 4-5 months but I nursed my second one for 18 months. I plan to nurse this one for at least the first year. As far as how long is right its all up to you and what works for you and your family.
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I'm aiming for at least 6 months, hoping to go 12!
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I have to give you ladies props! I'm so scared to breast freed my babes after they start cutting teeth. I want to until that happens. Maybe longer if I can get advise on how to avoid the teeth thru the nipple lol
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None of mine ever bit me.
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I am expecting #8 and have nursed the previous 7 for different periods of time for various reasons.  I am still nursing my 18 month old but want to stop.  Just don't know how :)  I have it down to about 2 or 3 times per day and I know it's for comfort but I want a break before this next one comes.  Others were weaned easier because since I worked, I pumped once I went back to work so they were familiar w/ the bottle.  So weaning was no problem but w/ this one it is a big problem!!!
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I am still nursing my 26 month old :) it depends in who you ask but I wish everyone had a goal of 2 years because that's a huge benefit to babe but I know every family is different. Most children self wean before age 2. But a proper latch won't involve teeth so you shouldn't worry too much about the teeth ;). Whatever you decide good luck :)
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I nursed my first for 4 months, my 2nd for 6 months and then pumped exclusively for the next 6 months and this time I am pumping again as baby doesn't latch. I had trouble nursing once I went back to work full time. Good luck.

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