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how many let downs?

OK so how many let downs do you all have in a feed and how long do you nurse for? I have one every 3-7 min the whole time I feed.
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With babies they will feed for as long as they need. You just sure that they can breath through their nose.
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yes, this is my 4th I have nursed, He eats on demand always 24/7

My question was more based on "let downs" depending on length of feeds. I have hyper sensitive breasts and too much milk so I was wondering if anyone else has more then one let down.  I have always had many and only heard of a let down in the begining of a feed so I always wondered the normal and if my oversupply was related or not.
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Multiple letdowns is very common.  I'm pumping exclusively and when I pump and it's hard to know exactly how many because I massage and compress to get the milk out quicker.  I know in a 15 min pumping I typically get 2-3 letdowns.  If I'm really full like at the first pumping in the morning the first 15 min It's still the same letdown.  

Also, when they tell people to increase there supply they tell you to power pump, 10 min on and 10 min resting for as long as you want typically at least an hour though.  This is to help your boobs rest between letdowns and allow you to hopefully get more out, thus making your body have the need to make more milk.
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I have multiple let downs. As you know I also have an over supply. My let downs feel like pins and needles shooting down. Sometimes it hurts but most the time it's just uncomfortable. I usually have 2-3 during a 20 minute feed.

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I get that pins and needles feeling every couple hours, but never during feedings. Is that a let down? I read that some women don't even feel it.
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I nurse my 6month old on demand and he nurses frequently, mostly for comfort. Every time I nurse I get one let down within about 15mins. But he could even nurse twice within an hour and pull away when I let down.
I have learned to just hold a bottle from the other side and express milk and make his cereal with that milk.
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