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huge question!!!

So I had to stop breasting my son because he sucked the skin off my nipples. Now I have matits. Because of that I have a large absese in my right breast. My doctor has me on antibiotics. Im almost done with the antibiotics but it seems its only gotten worse not better. Has anyone had this happen. If so what else did your doctor do if the antibiotics didnt work?
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Not to scare you at all momma but before I got pregnant I had an abscess present itself in my breast and it turned out to be the worst thing to ever happen to me. Mine had free to the size of a tennis ball and doubles the size of my breast. My doctor tried to do the antibiotic thing but it wasn't working so he ended up performing surgery. The first surgery didn't work and they just kept coming back. In total I had to have five surgeries did this one abscess. Now I have to wait until my baby gets here to see if I can even breast feed out of that one breast since it has so much scar tissue and the nipple is inverted. But maybe yours is minor enough to where they won't have to do surgery and if they do let's hope that it will only be one. Good luck momma
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Geez. I hope that doesnt happen to me. Mine is almost the soze of a tebnis ball. Thier taking my insurance away feb 1st so it all has to be done in jan. :/ I had a friend that had to have surgery. They made an insition and put gauze in it to drain it. I hope I dont have to go through that. Thank you for letting me know so I can atleast see what could possibly be dont.
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Yea the healing process is ridiculous. They leave the gauze in and leave the incision open and you have to pull it out yourself and keep rinsing the incision out with saline. Hopefully they can get it all done before your insurance ends. Are you not eligible for Medicaid?
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I have medicaid now. Thier taking it away. :( they said i eother have to be pregnant or under 18 to qualify for medicaid and since I just had my son thier taking it away :/ im going to the hospital tomorrow. I hope they dont have to do all of that :( sounds painful
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I got it from a nipple piercing but the anitibotics worked for me. My mom got it, and they had to drain the infection out.
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Mine is from milk being clogged. Antibiotics arnt working and they want me to come in the er :(
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