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losing weight while nursing

Any advise on how to lose weight while breastfeeding? I got down to under my pre pregnancy weight when my baby was 2 weeks old. Since then, I've gained 10. In the last week I've tried cutting calories but my milk supply has decreased. How do I lose it w/o losing milk?
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Don't cut calories just eat healthy foods and drink only water. You need the calories to stay healthy. Cut soda tea and juice altogether.  Actually look at the weight watchers diet for pregnant or breastfeeding mom's.
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Instead of cutting calories try increasing your activity level. Keeping a food journal can be helpful so you can catch yourself if you are over or under eating. Also like stated above try to drink only water so you aren't drinking your calories but make sure you are drinking enough. I know when I'm trying to eat less for whatever reason I drink less to. Another thing I've noticed about my body is if I cut my calories too much I will actually gain weight.
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While breastfeeding I always kept an extra five or 10 pounds. As soon as I weened the baby I lost the weight. Maybe you don't have to go out of your way to lose that extra 10.
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I agree with baby2014, drink lots of water and eat healthy foods.  If you want to cut calories, don't eat dessert or sweets...?  I know for me, I have to make different choices for snacks - go for an apple rather than chips!
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im struggling with this cause my son is really fussy if I eat certain vegetables so its like impossible for me to eat super healthy!
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I def. had an issue with cutting back on foods while BF'ing, it dropped my supply dramatically, drink TONS of water, like 6-7 bottles a day, and I ate a healthy breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, stop eating by like 7pm and walked a mile a day and dropped almost 10lbs in a week, no change in my supply!
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and by healthy, i'll tell you a daily set of meals for me, breakfast - granola bar, lunch - turkey wrap with wheat thins, snack - trail mix, dinner - whatever I felt like making, doesn't necessarily need to be healthy, and I ate a serving, usually 2 so I'd stay full from 6-7pm at night til I went to bed, that helped significantly!
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