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lost in breast feeding

How does this work I know it sounds so silly but as a FTM ..what kind of pump do I get? Do you pump into a bag or bottle? How much how long how often? Bag warmers? What do nipple shields do. I'm so lost on how it even works. I just need pump suggestions as well as bottles etc.
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Take a breastfeeding class. All of the answers are on ************
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Get whatever pump your insurance covers. Just call and ask them. Medela works well.
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Stupid community. Kelly mom *******
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EEB1219 do most insurances cover them? I want to get one but there so expensive!!
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I recommend the Mededa advanced pump in style but check with your insurance first...you might but able to get a free one through them...the pump will come with bottles to pump into but you can by bags and pump into them if you know it's going straight to the freezer...you can heat refrigerated breast milk bottles or frozen bags with a bottle warmer or just hot water (microwaving is not recommended)...breastmilk is good in the fridge for 3 days and around 3 months frozen...swirl to mix if it separates but don't shake hard like you would with formula...nipple shields are for nursing usually for women with flat or inverted nipples or if you are extremely ingorged and the baby can't latch on well
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On the website it says my insurance applies on there, I wonder if you can order online with your insurance number or something?
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