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low milk supply

I know during breastfeeding every mom experience her milk supply going down then back up again, with my first I experienced this about 5 times and in day or two it was always back to normal, now I'm breastfeeding my 5 months old son and my supply is very low and it's been low for four days already, I drink mother's milk tea every day along with a couple of lactation cookies and oatmeal every other day but I don't feel it going back up, am I loosing my milk? for u ladies how long did it usually take for your supply to go back up after going down? I really don't want to stop breastfeeding, is there hope that my milk supply will increase?
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I think as breastfeeding moms we all doubt our production at one time or another. I also think that often when we think this we are wrong. What is it that makes you think you supply has decreased? Me personally my breasts rarely seem full and if I pump I'm lucky to get two ounces so I've questioned it too but then I stop and think and my daughter seems content after nursing, she's growing, and she has a good number of wet diapers. I guess my point is maybe it's not what it seems.
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My son seems always hungry and frustrated  these past days and I usually feel them full when touching but now they feel empty all the time and when I pumped before I was getting 3 oz from one side now I'm getting only 1 oz, I'm sure my supply is down, is there any kind of food that can lower milk production?
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Sounds to me like a growth spurt is most likely the cause. There are no foods that I'm aware of that lower your production but if you were to start eating fewer calories and fat that could have a negative impact. Are you drinking enough water?
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I'm drinking lots of water but the only change is I visit bathroom more often, so to my understanding growth spurt is something a baby goes through when there's enough milk and suddenly baby wants to eat more than usual but in my situation I produce less than he normally eats, I really hope I will be able to continue breastfeeding, I just wanted to know how many days does it take for everybody to increase milk supply.
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You could pump after you nurse for 10 to 15 min 2 to 3 times a day and tht will tell your body you need to make more milk.  Or you could do what's called power pumping. You pump for 10 min then rest 10 min. You do that for an hour for 3 or 4 days. Good luck to you!
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With growth spurts your body has to adjust to making more milk more frequently so for the first couple days it will seem like they aren't getting enough.  How long it takes really depends on the individual because every body is different.  
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Is there a chance that you are getting sick? I am just getting over a sinus infection and noticed a drastic difference between my supply now vs when I was in the middle of being sick. Plus, if you are almost getting your period back that will affect it as well. I had that double wammy...and trying my hardest to overcome it to continue bf.
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I'm not getting sick but there is a chance I will get my period soon, will wait and see, thank u ladies for your positive comments, I hope I will restore my milk supply soon.
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When I had my first baby my breast milk supply was very low and I needed to support with artificial milk for at least 3 days until I got sufficient supply of breast milk.  Here are some tips which I did to increase breast milk:
  -  Take lot of fluids (water and fruits Juices)
  -  Try massaging the breast gently as you nurse
  -  Offer both breasts at each feeding
  -  double pump for 5-10 minutes after you nurse
  -     Breastfeed frequently. Frequent breastfeeding is the number one key to boosting your milk supply
  -    Continue breastfeeding even when sick unless otherwise the doctor advise not.

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Definitely sounds like a growth spurt, stick it out mama. It will pass!
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It did pass!!! Thanks everyone for support, I really needed this support with my first baby and had no idea about this forum, blessings for you and your little ones!
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So happy we were here to help. Lots of times I don't think us moms are giving a lot of info on breastfeeding and led to believe it's all easy all the time. I know so much more now with my third child then I did with my first.
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