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lump under arm and bf....

hi ladies!!! i gave birth last friday... and i have been nursing and pumping... when i came home from hospital on sunday i noticed a lump under my armpit that is some what painful some days more painful than others... does anyone know if this is related to breastfeeding and if i should be concerned... if so should i call the OB or my primary dr???
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I had one throughout pregnancy and for a few months after birth.  It was painful and finally went away.  Breast tissue does extend under the arms.  My dr monitored mine and it can't hurt to have it checked.  Good luck.
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my thoughts would be a swollen gland (I always get them there when I am fighting a bug) or possibly a clogged duct. If I were you, I would just keep an eye on it and take some extra vitamin C in case you are fighting something. Obviously, if it gets worse you could get it looked at. If it is a clogged duct, warm compress and massage can help. If the area gets inflammed or very painful or if you develop a fever call your OB as it may be mastitis.
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I second what has already been said. It can be a clogged duct so make sure you massage as you breastfeed and or pump and use warm compresses. If you get a fever, flu like symptoms or if it doesn't go away or gets works you should call your OB.

Feel better.
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thank you guys so much! still not sure exactly what it was but its gone now so im assuming it was clogged duct but that you all for answering made me feel better and not panic so much. even though this is my 2nd baby during the pregnancy and even now with that happening i didnt have theses problems with my first and not to mention that was 3 years ago so some of these things are very new to me im glad i can ask your opinions!
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You concern is valid. I’m glad you’ve reached out for answers.

It is normal, but not entirely common to have accessory breast tissue which can be found under the arm. Those ducts are harder to reach/pull milk from so can be more susceptible to clogging or becoming infected. To avoid this you may need to ensure your breast milk is efficiently removed and often to avoid build up of milk cells.
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