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milk quantity/soft breasts/question,anybody?

Hi everyone,I ve never been able to visit this forum so far-although I was often visiting pregnancy 35+-,God how my time is so limited with a young baby,I can hardly do the basics...can you?Anyway,my little girl is almost 4 months old now,bf exclusively.She was gaining weight very well until recently,for the last 2,5 weeks she's been asking to eat like every 2,5 hrs-it's also very HOT these days in this part of Europe-but she eats veeery little,she only eats better like once or twice a day.Plus my breasts,they now feel really soft during the first 2-3 hrs,like they are not full,they only harden after 4-5 hours.How can you tell if the milk supply is ok??Do I produce less because she doesn't stimulate much??What can I do to ensure better milk production?
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To get more milk you can pump in between feedings but my guess is that you are probably making enough milk for her.  After a couple months milk production is not hormone driven, it is driven by supply and demand ...your body will make more milk when the baby eats and the breasts start to empty.    The emptier they are the faster your body makes milk.  Even if they are soft they can still have plenty of milk in them.  In fact, they are never truly "empty".  And I also think that after a couple months they will be softer...I am hardly ever engorged anymore at 6 months.  I really believe babies will regulate themselves if you are nursing on demand and that as long as everything is OK(no major changes to you like illness or going back to work or something which could temporarily decrease your supply) you should always have enough milk for her.  If you just keep nursing on demand you should be fine and so should she!!!  Good luck!
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I just posted nearly the same question! And....our babies are close in age when it started. As for getting the basics done nope...Im a mess and so is my house.
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