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milk storage?

What is the best way to do this?  Im thinking about useing the bags. And how many bags do you think one will go though in a week period?
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I used breast milk storage bags when I mursed Gavin.  It really depends on how much milk you will produce or the nature of pumping...to feed or to store extra.  I think 25 bags come in a box .  I would freeze them standing up and put them all in a storage box or a bigger freezer Ziploc.  I tell you, I wil pumping as soon as my milk comes in so I will have plenty to store.  My friend who had her baby in April, she had over30 4oz bags in her first week.
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Ok. So what about......Can I combin all my milk for one day in the same storage bag?Or as much as i could fit in one. And then freeze it.

As also after I take a bag out of the freezer and use what I needed to use, Can I put the rest back in the frige and use it at his next feeding.....
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Well, Yes you can combine all the milk you pump for the day and freeze it together.  Of course all the milk will have to be chilled before you put it together.  However, keep in mind to not freeze too much in a bag because you won't know how much you baby will drink at one setting and you don't want to waste this liquid GOLD!  
Once you warm up the milk and didn't end up using all, you are not suppose to put it back in the fridge and re-use.  Of course if it's not warm up, you can keep in the fridge for 24 hours.
At the begining, I would freeze smaller portions since I know he wouldn't drink all that much at one setting.  Later on, I made them bigger depending on how you baby eats.  I freeze up 2 ozs bags too just in case he wanted a bit more and I won;t have to defrost a whole 4 ozs bag when I know he wouldn't take all of it.
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Ok, so If i understand you. I CAN take a Frozen bag out of the freezer and put it into the frige, and that will be good for 24hours.

Thanks for your help. I didnt stick with bfing/pumping with my 1st. and REALLy want to this time around!
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Sure, just warm up what you need and keep the rest in the fridge until you are ready for it.  Make sure you shake/mix the bag well since the fat usually floats up top.  
Do you have a good electric pump?  Do you plan on pump and feed or nurse and pump for storage?
It was the best experience.  I was so sad when he weaned himself off.  
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Well, my prob. is, is that I am going back to work 2weeks after I have him, So I lost to if I should try and Bf and then pump after he is done  and if he is getting the hang of it I would just Bf when I am home with him. you know. OR just do all pumping. Where i leave I can get one from the hospital and bring it back when I am done, So Im guessing it would be a good One.....
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2 weeks, that quickly?  Well, I would pump as soon as your milk comes it so you can start saving up.  It's hard to tell if you should nurse and pump or pump and feed exclusively since you never know how your baby will take nursing and taking the bottle.  Right now, I'd suggest you to nurse while you are at home and start introducing the botlle before you go back to work.  I know there are a lot of info out there for nipple confusion but in your case, you really don't have a choice if you want to breast feed.  My friend who just gave birth in April started to nurse and bottle feed at the very beginning and her son had no issue with it so it just depends.  We both use Avent bottles and we didn't have issue with our sons nursing and taking the bottle when we are at work.
Yes, the hospital grade pump is good.
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Ya, I guess we will just see how things go! Ya, 2weeks thats it! Right now, with hubby being lay off I really cant take much longer then that, you know? But I really have a layed back job, (very ez) and I can pump as offen as I did too.
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just a few notes to add... when you freeze bags, lay them flat in the freezer. after they are frozen, you can stand them upright- it saves TONS of space. That is how I froze bags. Once I had 8-10 bags frozen, I would put them all into a gallon sized ziplock and label the ziplock with the month it was pumped. if you ended up pumping a lot, this is a helpful way to keep the milk organized in the freezer.  The bags are expensive, so I always put at least 6 oz in a bag. It does take a while for them to defrost in the fridge, but we figured out a great trick- I would fill a deli soup container (the taller kind) with cold tap water, drop the bag in, and put the whole thing in the fridge. It would defrost in a fraction of the time, but stayed cold so you could keep it in there up to 24 hrs. If i needed less than 6 ounces, i gently mixed the layers, poured what i needed into a bottle, and warmed what i needed. It was cool- as the milk defrosted, ice actually formed around the bag.

you can add COLD milk to a bag you started in the fridge. Put the bottle you pumped into into the fridge to cool off before adding it to the milk already there. Adding warm milk to cold milk results in warming of the milk. You would have to use it within 1 hr or 2.

a word of caution- certain bags tend to leak, especially defrosting. or you may just get a bad batch of a normally good brand. a good way to avoid tears over spilled milk is to drop the bag into a small ziplock as you defrost it. any leaks are caught by the extra baggie.

Milk that has been frozen will often change in color, smell or taste. This is normal and does not mean that the milk is spoiled. Unfortunately, some babies will not take frozen milk. Thankfully, mine did. If your baby does not, you may want to save it and try again in a few weeks. She or he may take it when older. Don't panic. Worst comes to worst, you can save it to make cereal when she or he is older, or you can mix it with formula if/when you start formula.
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I use the Lansinoh storage bags.  I love those.  I have tried other brands but those are my favorite.  They are really thick and have 2 zippers and they stand upright.  I really like them.  I just defrost the milk by putting a frozen or refrigerated bag in hot water.  It defrosts pretty quickly.  I have always heard and been told to never use the microwave as it takes nutrients away from the milk and may even add things that may not be good for the baby.  Good luck!!
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I used bags and stocked up, making 4 oz bags at a time.  I froze most of it, but really preferred my baby to have fresh milk even if that meant it was just in the fridge instead of the freezer.
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