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nipple shield?

so my little man is 4 days old, this is our second day home from the hospital.
he was a little chunker and had a hard time regulating his sugars (kept dropping) so they wanted me to supplement with formula, i obviously did and the nipples on those bottles are the long skinny ones. he likes them because they go straight to the back of his throat, my nips you gotta work to get them back there and he is lazy.. my milk is in and he will just lick the milk off, i have to sit there for like 15 mins fighting with him to even attempt to latch and suck/.. and by that point we are both frustrated. would nipple shields trick him into thinking its like a bottle nipple since it would feel somehwat similar? id love to bf as with my first i didnt ever get a milk supply and this time im leaking constantly and would love to keep it and bf full time now that his sugars are perfect.
any advice??
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Yes nipple shields will trick baby. Also try pumping for a couple of min to get nipple large and milk going for him.
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yup agree ^^^ it wont hurt to try or just pump while u can
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The above ladies said it. Just remember that there may be more gas with the shield and bottle.
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thanks ladies!! i need to get a pump, i had one with my last pregnancy but never got more than an ounce out so we got rid of it. ( supply never went up) Didnt even think i would need one this time around.
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