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omg my boobs whats going on???

So I have beeen BF now for a week and it has been going well enough (I didnt cave for bottle. . .I really dont want to) but today my boobs are hard like rocks and sooo sore and tender?  What's going on???? And how do I stop it?? :-(
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It sounds like your milk fully came in, lol. Try expressing a little by hand to relieve the pressure and soreness. Also that will help lo latch as it can be difficult for them when your engorged. Give it a bit and your body will regulate how much milk you need and that will stop happening! Good luck!
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Pump it and freeze it(after your baby gets enough of course)!
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I say freeze it as well it will come n handy later or for emergencies :)
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If you don't have a pump you can hand express too. After a little while your body will figure out how much milk is needed and your production will even out.
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That's totally normal! When your milk comes in you get super engorged for a while, then your body regulates it based on how much your baby needs.  Try nursing in different positions to make sure all parts of your breast drain. Also watch out for "knots" in your breast that could be clogged ducts. If you notice one massage it while you're nursing to work to milk out.
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I do have a pump what can I store the milk in the freezer in?? I also have started getting fluish symptoms fever and then chills this can't be normal??
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You can store the milk in breast milk freezer bags. I buy the target brand because they have a double ziplock and are half the price of medela bags. Medela's website has a great page with info on how long/what temps milk is good for in fridge vs. freezer. I never had flu like symptoms while bfing (so far anyways). You can still take acetaminophen while bfing so you might try that and see if it helps at all.
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Well I got scared because well in a scardy cat!! And it turns out I have mastitis its very common but sometimes it can turn into an infection . . . He gave me antibiotics but said to hold off taking them unless the symptoms get worse. And that paracetamol will help control the fever and seefif I can just feed through it! Or pumping so esrly wil increase my supply and when its gone if I stop I could get engorged again and be back at square one . . . Ill try for a week and see then . . .
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Happened to me too... But turns outi wasn't feeding baby often enough to clear out my boobs.  I also was told NOT to pump bc it is supply & demand & my body will just keep producing.  My midwife said warm towels AMD massage can help relieve it.  I also took warm showers and let some of the milk just leak out on it's own.  

My baby is 15 days old now and she will eat for a good long hour at a time off the breast.  Definitely helps alleviate the pressure.  She also eats every 2 hours like clockwork.  I was only feeding her every 3-4 hours because she was sleeping and I was told NO... I HAVE to wake her up & feed her because the milk digests in their newborn bodies so quickly.  Anyway. That length btwn feedings was also keeping me engorged.
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Heya thanks countrymomtobe I have been doing the exact same thing!! Hot towles and showers and bathes and massaging the knots out! ya the same here . . . Somtimes he wakes every 2 hrs but Somtimes he sleeps till the 3 hr mark . . .ill have to start waking him for it! He also feeds for a good hr at a time! Thanks so much. . . .  Thanks everyone for the advice!!!! :-)
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Hey! I ve been through this so I know its not easy, but I wanted to warn you to be very vigilant when you have mastitis. My mastitis turned infectious in 24 hours because i over-pumped to soften up my stony hard breasts, and that broke/damaged the milk ducts on one side. That made the milk to get stuck in my breasts and I landed with the worst breast infection imaginable. I had to undergo surgery for the breast abscess and had the worst 2 months ever.

There isnt harm in taking those antibiotics, so do not delay. I ve seen many a breast abscess getting avoided just by taking antibiotics in time.

Also, please do not use the pump. The vacuum action of the pump, makes the hind milk slowly come towards the centre of the breast and rise upto the milk ducts and block the milk ducts. I was told this by my lactation consultant - when you have mastitis, do not pump.

Use cold cabbage leaves to reduce engorgement, stay oFF dairy, leafy veggies so as to keep your milk supply in check.

I never thought such a simple, natural, hundred thousands of years old practice of breast feeding could ever go wrong, but it did with me. I am now expecting my second baby and am 15 weeks along, am already anxious about how I will breastfeed this time.

Wish you all the best.
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