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painful lump

Have any of you ladies ever had a painful lump while breastfeeding? I just felt a lump on my right breast that really hurts. Usually my boobs hurt if they are full but its been hurting all the time now. Never experienced this with my son, just wondering if I should be concerned. My grandmother had breast cancer so I'm kinda freaking myself out lol even though I have heard that its normal sometimes....so any feedback would be much appreciated :)
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Sounds like a clogged duct. Just keep massaging it and feeding and pumping it should eventually drain. I get one every couple of months. I also heard that laying your baby down and being on all fours over your baby with their chin pointed at the lump while feeding helps, hasn't worked for me but a lot of women say it does. Good luck.
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it does sound like a blocked duct.  Just keep bf n massaging the area that hurts
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Put a warm compress on it for about 3 min before your next feeding. Take tylenol for pain if need be.
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If you pump at all try applying pressure to that area (I know it'll be painful) or massaging the area to help clear out the duct if it is in fact a clogged duct. I've had a painful lump like that before and doing this while pumping usually took care of it.
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Thank you all for you're advice!
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