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period while breastfeeding

hi.. i exclusively breastfeeding my baby, i got my first period when she was 4months old, it was heavy and lasted 5days.i started my period on october 25 and finished on october 30.. Then, my hustband and i have sex on november 1, (is it safe?) .... I got another period on nonember 26 but it lasted only 3 days and it was some kind of spotting..and then the next 2months was the same (december and january). but this month, i got my period on february 8, it lasted 3days again and some kind of spotting... is it normal? by the way, i took pregnancy test and it was negative... please help me answer my question.. im confused and scared in pregnancy pasibilities..
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It's still possible to become pregnant exclusively breastfeeding. If you tested negative recently then you're probably not though. I know that for awhile your period can be irregular and strange while breastfeeding. To be safe you should see a doctor for a blood test. If it's negative, you should use some form of birth control such as condoms or something else safe for breastfeeding.
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thankz to your reply....anyways im not experiencing vomitting/morning sickness.. should i consider this a sign of impossible pregnancy?
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does pregnancy test accurate? i used my first urine in the morning
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If you are not sure wait a week then test again with first morning urine. You can keep doing that for a few weeks and if it still comes up negative it is unlikely that you are pregnant. It is hard to detect early pregnancy if you are not sure when you ovulated. Some women don't ovulate at all while breastfeeding, some women ovulate sporadically and some ovulate normally.  You typically ovulate ~ 14 days before your period and when you have intercourse around that time your chances of becoming pregnant increase. It sounds like you are getting a monthly period with light flow. That is OK. If you consider those your periods you actually didn't miss one this month. It may take some time to figure out what is normal for you. The best thing you can do if you are worried is get on a safe breastfeeding birthcontrol. I'm taking one that has a low dose of progesterone.
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If the first morning urine is still coming up negative and you're worried and want to be really sure, get your HCG levels analysed.

I got my period five months post-partum (and I was exclusively breastfeeding too) and it would sometimes be heavy, sometimes light, sometimes come early, sometimes late, so it was rather irregular. Actually I am still BF and my daughter is 20 months, and I am late but I'm used to it now. So it is normal to have irregular cycles while breastfeeding.
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