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sharp shotting pain in breast? yeast? or?

I was treated for matitis about 3 weeks away the pain didnt go away so went in to the doc again gave me a topical yeast cream as a precautionary measure. tried that for a week as told and the pain still didnt go away. so i went in again they said it sounds like yeast infection of the ducts. i was given fluconazole 100mg take 2 once and 1 for 10days. the pain got even worse in the 1st couple of days. the pain still hasnt gone away. could this not be an yeast infection or do i need to take something even stronger than this. the sharp shooting pain is inside the breast more on the sides of the breast and sometimes under. the pain happens after i pump like 5 to 10mins.
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i found a great thread online on the medela website of many ppl experiencing the same thing. i will pm you the link so you can read the responses since I can't post it here. Basically, for most women it was a deep yeast infection. A couple were told that it is the breast refilling quickly (esp ppl who overproduce). If anyone else wants the link, let me know and I'll pm it to you as well.
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