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what brand brest pumps are better

I am a first time mother and im thinking of expressing to get back to work after having bubjust to do a couple hours here and there and i want to express my milk so if it needs a feed when im at work theres plenty there ... But what are the brands and type do people recomend ?
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Its about personal perference and how often u plan to pump. My pump is a cheaper kind I got at Wal-Mart and is made for 2 pumpings a day.  It's perfect for me.  Some women go for the expensive kind or want a double pump to cut down on time
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Different pumps work better for different women. I know women who swear by medela, and it was great for my sister but I hate my pump in style. I just ordered an ameda purely yours and an avent double pump but haven't been able to try them yet. I'll let you know once I do!
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Medela have great breast pumps, I highly recommend them. AVent are also not too bad.
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I got Mandela and I love it, got it for free from.my insurance.
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Medela or ameda have good pumps.
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I recommend a double electric bc it saves you time. My favorite was Medela pump in style, but the freestyle and ameda purely yours are also good.
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dont waste your money on the lanishol- it is junk!
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I have a hand me down Medela pump that is AWESOME!
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Medela mini I got it works great,  I got it off eBay at a good price brand new 48.99 bargain lol :)
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A double electric like the medela pump in style is wonderful

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