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white nipples

Is this normal?? How can I correct it if it's not?? My baby is 3 weeks old tomorrow and I'm exclusively pumping due to nipple confusion.
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Is it right after pumping and is there any pain? If it is then it could be vasospasm. I had it with my baby in the beginning. She is efb and it would happen after she fed. I believe the only thing that can be done is warm compresses.
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They are white all the time the right more than the left.
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Do they itch? Is it possible you have thrush (yeast infection) on them? Thrush will cause white stuff to stick to a baby's mouth so I imagine it could cause your nipples to become white too.
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When I pumped mine did the same thing it seemed the longer I pumped the worse they got. I thought it was normal after I stopped pumping the color came back.

Have you tried a nipple shield to help baby learn to latch? That's what it took for us and a lactation consultant. She told me to latch my boy to the shield and remove it after 5 minutes and try to latch him to the breast. It took a week but he learned to latch to the breast and bye bye went the pump.
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@tomorrow264 They do itch some especially after pumping.

@baby2014 I have tried but he's just so fussy that we always give in and give him the bottle. I figured why go through the trouble if in a couple of weeks I'll be going back to work and he'll be bottle fed anyway.
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Does baby have any white cheesy looking stuff stuck to his cheeks, tongue or lips?
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Never mind that last question? It wouldn't matter because you're only pumping. If they itch it could be caused by healing or it could be something worth having the doctor look at.
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